No news is… well… no news

So I went for another appointment this morning. I put on my best Israeli attitude and attempted to be assertive. It kind of, sort of worked.

The 30 minutes of monitoring was fine. Good kicking and nice heart rates. The urine dipstick was fine. The scan was a little iffy (not much water again) but the more experienced ultrasound tech looked harder (read: pushed hard enough to see my spine) and was able to find pockets of water amounting to 100, which is fine. From there, we (Dr. Savta and the hubby accompanied me) consulted with the doc. I was fortunate enough to get the doc who originally referred me to Hadassah on that fateful Thursday.

He was suprised they made me stay overnight and didn’t do anything. He seemed genuinely surprised and somewhat disappointed that they didn’t at least do an internal exam. He did an exam and agreed he would strip the membranes if I was dilated enough. It went a little something like this:

Dr.: You’re not dilated enough to strip the membranes. Hold on, I’m going to try anyway.

Kirby: (deep breaths)

Dr.: Okay. Now you’re 1 cm dilated. And I stripped them away a little bit.

Edited to add: Just read over my info from the doc. I’m also 60 percent effaced. Not sure if that was pre or post strippage. Or if my cervix just saw the hand coming for it and was scared into submission. Either way, it makes my Bishop score a lot better and that means an induction would likely be more successful.

Aside from the fact that my cervix appears to be located just south of my breastbone, it wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t fun, but it was no worse than many of the other exams I had to get to where we are today. We’ll see if it has any effect. So far nothing – but no spotting yet either. Either way, it certainly doesn’t appear to have hurt anything. I like to think of us at 10 percent of the way there.

The doc also gave me a referral for another glucose tolerance test tomorrow morning. It’s the 100 gram test instead of the 50 and we’re doing it just to rule out late onset gestational diabetes since the kid is growing at an alarming rate (okay, not really alarming, but let’s just say how alarming has a lot to do with who is feeling the growth inside her). My understanding is that if she’s 4 kilo and I test positive for GD, I get induced earlier. Otherwise, they’ll let me go to 4.5. It has something to do with shoulders, I think.

The kind and loving Dr. Savta even took us to breakfast afterward. And our phones ring somewhat constantly. It’s a very good thing to know that so many folks are watching out for us.

For now, it’s off to take a nice warm shower to ease the back cramps (pretty much constant now) and then to rest in bed for a bit for the day’s second 30 minute monitoring session. I’ll try and post tomorrow after the delightful glucose test.


4 responses to “No news is… well… no news

  1. The 100 gram glucose test (shudder). I hope I never have to do that again. The 50 gram one was nothing. The 100 gm one made me nearly pass out in the waiting room of the lab.

    Hope Little Baby decides to get in gear and come already…

  2. OK, I did the 100g twice with my last pregnancy. Not fun, but really not much worse than the 50g one (unless you’re scared of needles, which, thank G-d, I’m not).

    Yes. Shoulders – because GD babies are not proportional, so if they go past 4kg then their shoulders can be too wide to pass through the birth canal (and therefore require a c-section) so they try to avoid that before it happens – exactly what I had with Nomi.

  3. Ok so I’m not calling but am still thinking of you. Just think, she gets to be born in September instead of August! Hooray! And not on the first of the month, even better šŸ™‚

    I know those aren’t real celebrations but hey, celebrate what you’ve got….

  4. Wow, your past few posts have been so scary! I’m thrilled that you’re so honest with what’s been going on with you, although it doesn’t make me so confident with Haddasah. Here’s hoping everything works out with the sugar test!

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