Much ado about nothing

And today, just for fun, we had a little scare.

Starting yesterday afternoon, I stopped feeling the baby move. Not entirely, which would have sent me into hysterics and the hospital – just a lot less than the vigorous kicking that results in my tummy looking almost square, an elbow here and a knee there.

I did not panic. I drank some really sweet mango passionfruit smoothie juice thing and waited. There was a little more movement, but again not up to the usual antics. I thought I would sleep on it and see if she woke me up in the night like she usually does. I went to bed around midnight.

At 7 a.m., I woke up desperately needing to use the bathroom, but again, without the movement. I stayed up for a couple hours and had some homemade chai tea with milk and sugar, hoping to spur her into action.

Nadda. I still didn’t panic. In fact, I went back to sleep (there goes my mother of the year award).

I got back up around 11 a.m., still feeling exhausted despite having got a good night’s sleep. We puttered around the house, doing odds and ends and chores and such.

Still, not a lot of movement. Despite soda and caffeine and sugar, she just wasn’t her active self.

I panicked a little. And, as I always do when I panic, I called Rachel. Or, more specifically, I had my secretary (previously known as “the hubby”) call Rachel.

Rachel said there was likely nothing wrong (for the record, this is why you call Rachel) but that we should go to the women’s center for a scan and monitoring and would we like a ride there? Cause, you know, in her free time when she’s not raising six children and finishing seminar papers for college classes and being a work at home mom and blogging, she does things like wait on panicky pregnant women hand and foot.

She even called the women’s center for us on the way over. All the more reason that you call Rachel in these instances. They had a doctor in and agreed I should come in.

And so we went. I was put on the monitor (happy strong heartbeat between 140-165, plenty of activity that I just couldn’t feel), given a scan (uh, not sure what we were looking for, but she’s still in there?!) and a consult with a doctor (lay down for 30 minutes three times a day and do kick counts in a nice, quiet room without my husband or telephone – yup, he actually said that) and all is well. I go back Thursday morning since I will officially be overdue.

Cause it just wouldn’t have been a fulfilling pregnancy without a little drama toward the end. šŸ™‚


7 responses to “Much ado about nothing

  1. Glad everything is OK. The same thing happened to me and…well, things weren’t OK, so it’s good you are attuned to her movements.

    Should be any day now, shouldn’t it?

  2. Let’s hear it for Rachel! And let’s hope the little one decides that it’s time to annoy you from the outside very soon.

  3. Seconding the hooray for Rachel. I’m personally betting that you’ll go into labor sometime on Tuesday next week, and BeeGee will narrowly miss meeting her ‘cousin’ Shlomo. (perhaps being born while he’s in the check-in line at the airport.)

  4. You are so funny šŸ™‚ I wonder how much people will pay for my phone number now… I’m glad the drama worked out well and I’m happy to be on call anytime!

  5. Yes! Rachel saves the day! She’s helped me out as well. Perhaps she needs to start charging for her services. I’d rather give to her than an RE anyday!

  6. Hooray for Rachel! I’m glad to hear that everything is OK.

  7. I found a different “activity rate” with each, of 5, pregnancies. They predicted personalities.

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