Birds of a feather…

Insanity has reared its ugly head within Casa Kirby. The only question is whether it is “nesting” or just your garden-variety anal retentivity mixed with too much free time and not enough exposure to the outside world. I’m going with option No. 2.

The hubby firmly believes it is option No. 1, although he has been accusing me of nesting for roughly eight weeks. Evidence of said nesting? A desire to have the dishes washed and frequent laundry doing. Some folks would live in abject squalor if we let them…

That said, things are reaching a bit of a fever pitch around the house. During the last week, I have:

  • Made and wrapped 38 bars of lavender-oil soap. I thought they would make nice thank you gifts for all the folks who have and likely will help us with regard to the baby.
  • Gone a bit wild with the cooking. The freezer is almost full, and will be as soon as the hubby downs the remainder of the ice cream so that I can fill that space with rice and bean casserole, cheese lasagna, enchiladas, Tuscan potato soup and six more batches of homemade tomato sauce. It joins 24 zucchini muffins, one zucchini loaf, two banana walnut loaves, one batch each of butternut squash apple soup, tomato fennel soup and an applesauce noodle kugel large enough to feed a family of 12. And there are Hershey’s chocolate cookie bars and a chocolate cake on deck in the fridge to keep up happy over the next few days. Or weeks. The cookie bars were a double batch.
  • Removed, refitted and rehung four light fixtures (I have one more to go, but that one has to be rewired and might take a bit more effort) with the help of the hubby holding me in place on a chair so that I could reach them. He makes an excellent apprentice.
  • Cleaned and organized most of the house. I still have to do the closets and the storage room downstairs (including putting up two wall-mounted bike racks and bringing the good china upstairs so that we can move an unused entertainment center downstairs).

The sad thing is, this isn’t that abnormal for me. Maybe a bit. But then again, I usually work a lot and lately I’ve been working a lot less (long story – bad, evil project at work that is on again, off again through no fault of my own) which gives me tons of time to futz with stuff around the house.

On the docket for this week are another 75 or so to-dos. The ones I’m most looking forward to are:

  • Designing birth announcements (some will be sent as PDFs, some as actual printed thingees) which might end up being in both Hebrew and English if I can swing it
  • Putting up curtains in our kitchen, bedroom and baby’s room
  • Getting ribbon and elastic to make doofy bows for the baby’s head. A lot of the clothes we have are decidedly tomboyesque, so I figured some pretty bows might help to alleviate issues of gender identity early and often.
  • Printing, framing and hanging several pretty photos I took in our first year in Israel. It’s about time we put a bit of art up in the apartment, preferably before folks come to visit us.

And it should be noted that the hubby has been a good sport about helping out with my delusions of grandeur. Like the time when I took all the stuff out of the pantry and then decided I was too tired to organize it and put it all away. He’s a real champ at helping me out when I bite off more than I can chew.

Thanks again, hubby. πŸ™‚


4 responses to “Birds of a feather…

  1. can you please come fill my freezer too? im not having a baby but could do with some pre-prepared meals….

    dont forget to leave room for pumped milk? it keeps for 6 months in the freezer LOL, just in time for you to go back to work.

    if you are really looking for something to do, ive heard of people stocking up by pumping BEFORE giving birth πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Jeez, if I had known how bad it was, I’d have had you come here and cook – we could totally use some enchiladas and lasagna and omigod those soups and zucchini loaves sound amazing!

    We also have lots of boxes that need emptying and stuff that needs to be put away. You could totally help with that. Well, apparently, at least the emptying boxes part, anyway. πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow. The food sounds amazing and it will really come in handy (doesn’t food always?)

    What about packing the bag?

    BTW – I totally give you permission to call me in the middle of the night…

  4. Bag is semi-packed. Better yet, there is a nifty little checklist of items to be added at the last minute.

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