The two-week wait

Albeit of another sort entirely. Barring birth, I go back to the doc in two weeks.

I had another doc appointment today, with the first internal exam of this pregnancy. Not much news – BeeGee is locked and loaded “down there.” The doc says she’s in a perfect position for delivery and hovering around a zero position (I can’t remember offhand if positive or negative is further down, but zero must be smack dab in the middle).

No dilation or effacement of the Big C. I had my Group B Strep test (!) and go in tomorrow for bloodwork to check platelets to make sure an epidural will be okay. And I have to keep taking the iron pills. Or, umm, you know, start taking the iron pills. One of those two.

Otherwise nothing to report. I go for another growth scan in two weeks and then it’s back to the good doctor. I am feeling really good, although I must admit walking is getting a bit harder some days. It all depends on how well I sleep the night before – some nights I sleep like a log, others I toss and turn. Some I appear to sleep through only to wake up with a very sore abdomen and feeling like I haven’t gotten a wink – my guess is that I’m having some contractions while I sleep and that, while I can sleep through them, I can’t sleep through them that well. If that’s my only complaint at 37 weeks (and really, that’s it – even my cankles are doing better), then I’ve got it pretty darn good.


4 responses to “The two-week wait

  1. Positive numbers are further down. To be at zero station now is pretty darn good. I won’t jinx you by suggesting you might go early, though. Instead, I’ll say you’ll be really, really late (wink, wink).

  2. And you look radiant… you forgot to mention that šŸ™‚

  3. And happy aliyahversary! What a way to celebrate šŸ˜‰

  4. You’re doing great…keep it up!

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