That sinking feeling

Last Friday night, the baby dropped. She’s a good 4-5 inches lower in me than she was before. I wasn’t quite sure at first – it’s a very strange feeling. I feel like I have a head stuck between my legs, which isn’t entirely incorrect. But I also have new stretch marks to match where she is now lower and rounder than before, so I think “lightening” has occured (talk about a crap name for a biological occurrence – there is nothing “light” about it).

As the hubby put it, “she fell down. On her head.”

There is now constant pressure against what I think must be the bones “down there,” though I’m not entirely certain where there is. And while my ribs hurt a good deal less and the bruising is healing nicely, I now pee constantly.

As in, seven times a night constantly. Ah well. At least I’m well hydrated.

Saturday night I made the mistake of trying to run a block and a half to catch a city bus. I caught the bus but appear to have done something funny to my left hip. It’s not painful per se, just a little looser than the other side. I hadn’t had any complaints at all prior to this, so I’m more upset with myself for ruining a good thing than I am in actual misery. Really, I’m feeling quite good. The heat still sucks and the feet are still swollen, but I get the feeling that comes with the territory and I can still do most of what I need to.

Other than that, no more contractions or signs of impending labor. I did have a little pinkish residue on some TP that gave me pause, but there were no signs of popped cork, so I’m not worried. She’ll come when she comes and we’ll be happy to meet her then.

As the family and friends who have hoped to be in Israel for the birth finish arriving back home this week (yay! we missed you so much!), I’m ready whenever they are.

Since we’re about a month away, now’s probably the time to put in your guesses. When do you think Kirby will give birth to BeeGee? Post your date (and am/pm for any tie breakers) in the comments and I’ll send a small prize to whoever gets closest without going past the due date (which should dissuade anyone from picking past our due date – August 28).


11 responses to “That sinking feeling

  1. August 24, 6 p.m.

    See you soon!
    (Racing the stork across the Atlantic)

  2. Rona you took my idea! Exactly half way in the middle… me with my bad math isn’t completely confident of saying that, but I think it is..

    So I’ll guess August 24th 12:00 PM, just for kicks πŸ™‚

  3. You’re right…there’s nothing light about it. I vote for August 15! I can’t believe you ran for a bus…I give you credit girlfriend!

  4. Now I’m all confused as to how to sign my comments πŸ˜‰

    We say August 23rd. We’ll even go for a time: around 8am.

  5. Ooh Projgen! That would make my brother happy — it’s his birthday.

  6. For the record, I say August 26 at 9 a.m.

  7. About the birth date, I was going to be the ‘pessimist’ and say you’ll hang in there until September 6th. (BTW, if you do end up going past your due date, my easier kids were born later… It probably isn’t related, but who knows.)

    Since we’ve been warned against guessing PAST your due date, I’ll go for the 16th. Too bad it’s going to be at 3:30am πŸ˜‰

  8. I am going to say Aug 20 around 1pm.

  9. August 30 at 8:20 pm.

    August 30- cause that’s my anniversary date.
    8:20pm – cause that’s what time my daughter was born!

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