All quiet on the southern front

Edited to add: I suck at math and am on codeine. I meant just under two kilo or roughly four pounds.

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday – 31 weeks and counting. Although four weeks seemed like an inordinately long time to go between appointments, the time really flew by. Here’s to hoping the next few weeks go as easily.

In a nutshell, everything is fine. My glucose test was perfect. All my other blood work is fine, but I have to keep taking my iron pills through the remainder of the pregnancy. My extremities show no signs of edema. My blood pressure went up a bit (100/65), which is a good thing given how low it was (90/50). And the baby appears to have ample fluid to play around in.

The doc did a quick scan and said the baby is already head down and a bit lower than usual – she hasn’t dropped, per se, but he said she probably would drop a bit earlier than usual. She has an “unusual presentation” since her spine is facing my left side. He said he thinks this is because the placenta is attached on my right side toward the front.

All of this is a good thing; he said it’s unlikely she will shift much from this position before delivery, which means we have one less thing to worry about (aka – even less likely than in normal pregnancies that we will have to contend with a breech). She’s a healthy good-sized girl and is quickly running out of space to do acrobatics. He estimates that she weighs just under two kilos, or roughly 4 pounds.

He also said I might consider sleeping on my right side if she kicks too much when I’m on my left. Since she’s facing up when I’m on my left side, that gives her the most room to fuss about. This explains the creepy crawly feelings I have on my right side. He said giving her a little squish by sleeping on my right side might actually lull her to sleep.

I go back in a month for a growth scan and another check up.

Other than that, very little to report. I’m feeling really good. I never thought I’d be able to do some of the things I’m doing this late into the pregnancy. I walked to my doctor’s appointment yesterday at 4 – it’s about a mile walk and it was in the 80s here yesterday. I took a big bottle of water and drank most of it, but I’m still able to get around and feel no worse for wear. Given that we don’t have a car, it’s been a real boon for me.


3 responses to “All quiet on the southern front

  1. I’m glad your feeling so well and can still walk a mile in your 3rd trimester! I could barely walk a few blocks that far along.

    I guess this makes up for how hard you had it in the beginning – at least a little bit ;-).

  2. Hey Kirby, hope everything is going well.

  3. HELLO?? Why have you fallen into a hole and stopped blogging?

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