Just no. Never.

Topping the list of things I would never let my daughter have…

Heelarious: Her first high heels

Not even if she asks nicely. Not even if she masters language at three months just to beg.

Especially since that would mean she got her first pair before I did. I’m more of a crocs – tevas – uggs kinda girl myself, depending on the season.

In other news, 30 weeks.

Have had bronchitis for three weeks now. Also pee a little when I cough too hard. Not a good combination. I never thought seven months pregnant would find me relying on maxi pads.


5 responses to “Just no. Never.

  1. Ugh. Those baby shoes are gross – I must agree with you!

    About the maxi-pads, be lucky you made it all the way to 30 weeks without them. IY”H the next time around you will NOT be so lucky…

  2. What the people who sell them laugh about is that people could be suckered into spending money for what isn’t even a clever joke. Ugh!

  3. Wow. Those really give poor taste new meaning…

  4. Wow those are just wrong in so many ways.

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