Part three of three

So, depending on whom you ask, the third trimester either began two weeks ago or now. I was thinking all along that it began today until a book enlightened me (which is an amusing way of thinking about it since nothing on me is getting lighter right now). I can honestly say that something changed in my body about two weeks ago. I feel less graceful everyday, but amazingly, I still feel really healthy. Please God, let it continue.

This is part three of a three-part series. It seems simultaneously very far away and very soon.

Because I am somewhat exhausted and a little sick (bronchitis), I’m going to keep this short and give you a rundown of what’s happened lately.

I passed my glucose tolerance test with flying colors, which was really a nice treat. Since then, there have been many other nice treats, mostly in the form of pastries. I have gained four pounds in the last two weeks, putting me at 15 pounds under my prepregnancy weight. I may not reach my starting point, but it will not be for lack of buttery goodness.

I failed my iron test. So now I’m taking whole big bunches of iron every day. Yum. On the other hand, I will save time by never having to poo again. I am still trying to understand the logistics of when to drink milk and when to take the iron, since one blocks the other and they both wreak havoc on folic acid (of which I am now taking absurdly large quantities).

I have bronchitis. Which is way better than pneumonia, which is what everyone at work thought I had. They scared me into seeing a doctor. He said I could have antibiotics but that would probably lead to a yeast infection. I’m supposed to call in three days if it doesn’t go away or go back if it gets worse. I passed on the antibiotics for the time being because I would rather have a sore, itchy throat than a sore, itchy … well. You know what I mean.

By the end of the second trimester, I managed to gain 11 pounds, all of which are apparently in my breasts and belly.

In what will be the baby’s room, we have a fully assembled Pack and Play, baby swing and stroller and car seat. I put the teddy bear in the swing just for laughs. The cats have already laid claim to the pack and play. I’m crocheting a blanket to match the colors (sort of match) of the baby gear.

I think it’s too early for nesting, but I do have an insatiable urge to drill new holes in the walls to hang art, photos, etc. and another to spackle over the offending holes left by the former tenants. I also need to paint over the areas where we killed mosquitos on the walls and hang curtains everywhere. I cannot fathom how we survived this long without curtains – oh, the shame.

So that’s all for now. I have pretty much reached the event horizon of the blogosphere and don’t know when I’ll get back to everyone’s blogs. In my free time, I worked 210 hours in May and am helping five families plan their immigration to Israel this summer (it seems like just last week it was us).

Oh and the conversion and the wedding. Still trying to plan for that too.

But for now, off to bed.


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