Double digits

We’re down in double-digit range. Shock and awe people, shock and awe. Not so much because there might be a baby living in this apartment soon, but because of all of the things that might happen between now and then.

We have an appointment in June with a rabbi who is part of the Chief Rabbinate for Israel to discuss the Orthodox conversion issues. In a nutshell, if we can convert prior to BeeGee’s arrival, then BeeGee is born a Jew and it’s all hunky dory. It’s harder if it doesn’t go that way, but I’m keeping my hopes up.

If we do get approved for a super-speedy conversion, then it gets really fun. We would go before the Beth Din and have a visit to the mikveh. After which, we’ll need to be remarried in an Orthodox ceremony. And then we could have a Hanukkah Habayit (home dedication – think housewarming party). And we would have to kasher everything in the kitchen.

Either way, it’s going to be a lot of work. And that ticker just keeps on ticking.

In my free time, I’m working 10-12 hour days. I get paid a salary that is based on a set number of hours per month. Meaning that if I work more hours, I get more money. And your paid maternity leave in Israel is based on the average amount you earned the four months prior to taking leave (for me, May-August). So it’s really in my best interest to work as much as I can handle. But man, all I do is sleep, eat, work and use the bathroom. Hence the craptastic job at blogging lately.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my last post, either by commenting or e-mail! It’s an interesting discussion to have and I’m glad there seem to be so many women out there who aren’t afraid to pick and choose what suits them best. I find it really heartening and stoutly refuse to be pigeon-holed.

Doc appointment in less than 12 hours. For now, it’s off to bed.


2 responses to “Double digits

  1. Oh cool! I hope I get to come to the wedding! Go explain ‘infertility’ to your child after she sees your wedding pictures 😉

  2. Wow. That’s a lot to take on in the next few weeks, but I wish you the best of luck in your meeting and all the rest.

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