I can haz cold front?


Pesach touring was fun. We had a great time swimming in the waterfall pools at Ein Gedi. The only downside was the heat wave that hit most of Israel last week. The high temperature near the Dead Sea during our visit last Thursday was 115 degrees. What’s crazier is how hot it was in the North.

Click to see Kirby back in her natural habitat (pic goes to pregnant woman without a tan in a two-piece, non-maternity bathing suit). Consider yourself warned.

Somewhere in there, there is a belly. I know, it’s tough to see when you are blinded by the vast whiteness of my thighs. I have ordered a maternity swim suit (read: tailored Coleman tent) from the kind folks at Old Navy. The white thing to my right is the hubby. Funny how I’m still picky about covering all of my hair when I’m half naked.

Amazingly, I felt fine and doused myself repeatedly in SPF 60 like it was going out of style (which is, in and of itself, amusing since I doubt SPF 60 was ever really in style) and came through without bug bites, sunburn or dehydration. I was just good a sleepy for a couple days afterward, but I think that’s just par for the course in heat like that.

IKEA is on my shit list, but that’s another post for another time. I will conquer them if I have to build and stain the damn Leksvik crib from the bleached bones of their employees. Do not mess with a pregnant woman. No, I am not nesting. I think I’m just bitchy.

And then! An amazing thing happened in Israel! A cold front moved in. We got a little bit of rain (which I’m told is pretty unusual after Pesach) and its been chilly and breezy at night.

Right now, I’m going to go and toss on a sweatshirt while I “work from home.” The sheer thought of it gets me a little klempy in the corner of my eye.

And finally. The kid has started kicking so hard that it’s visible from “the outside.” Outside here having the meaning “my nekkid tummy” and not “beneath the many layers of the cantilevered pregnancy skirt that supports my flubber.”

I’m not sure a kevlar bullet could get through that padding.


Dear God,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the week of cool weather.


A fairly pregnant woman in Israel (you know the one)


One response to “I can haz cold front?

  1. I’m so proud of you for touring. The heat was awful (as were the traffic jams coming home from the north, at least on Thursday). And of course our air conditioning decided to kick the bucket.

    We’d thought of driving up to IKEA to take advantage of their a/c (before ours died) but then I guessed that a few hundred thousand other people might have the same plan… I hope you eventually get the crib you want…

    I join you in blessing the cool weather πŸ™‚ and I’m glad you’re finally getting a kick out of being pregnant (very lousy pun intended – sorry, it’s genetic…)

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