I are plural

22 weeks and counting. Or at least, occasionally counting when I remember how pregnant I am. Or that I am pregnant at all. Cause yeah, I still forget that an awful lot.

We are two weeks to the V word. Somehow, that scares me more than the first trimester and the risk of miscarriage. God willing, the little one will deign to stay in for another four months or so. Or something like that. I can never remember how long with all the fuzzy math of pregnancy.

As of the latest scan, her ETA is August 26-29, with her Abba’s birthday being Aug. 28, her uncle’s birthday being Aug. 23 and her grandfather’s birthday being Aug. 31. She’s not even born and she’s already conspired against me to make that week more expensive from year to year.

Not much news to report. Had the “hey, let’s do another scan” scan* last week and all was well. If I get off my lazy duff (magic 8 ball says: forecast unlikely), I will post some of the 18 or so glamour shots of the baby.

Speaking of which, I sat down with Sweet Pea** last week (albeit, it’s tough to sit down without her) and had a good, long talk about setting reasonable goals.

About how her mommy, who is afraid of flying and has vision so bad that she could barely hit the broadside of a barn with a baseball bat from three feet away, probably wasn’t cut out to be a pilot and may have been a bit misguided in applying to (and nearly attending) the US Air Force Academy.

About how her Tatty, lovely in many ways, may never be a member of the Knesset, despite his hopes, and is unlikely ever to reform the Israeli political system.

And about how she, despite her ceaseless efforts, will not be able to dislodge my right hip from its socket for the duration of this pregnancy. And how, against all odds, my cervix is probably there to stay, too.

So enough with the kicking in the hip bone already. Again, reasonable goals.

I am kind of sort of gaining weight. Depending on when I hop on the scale, I’ve gained between five and nine pounds since the beginning of the second trimester. Which is to say that I’m somewhere between “so eat already” and “just fine.” But the baby appears to be gaining weight well and I still feel really good most of the time, so I’m trying not to worry about it too much. I had thought I put on a nice spare tire until the other night when I set my paperback book on the spare tire and it kicked me. I guess that is all baby too.

What’s weird is that I feel more and more ungainly and uncoordinated every day. I can only imagine what it feels like when you actually gain the recommended amounts. 🙂 Ah well, there’s still plenty of time.

And the kicking is getting stronger. She finally kicked hard enough for her Tatty to feel it the other night.

In other news at Casa Kirby:

I got a new laptop. It is a PC. I have gone over to the dark side of computing, quite literally, as it is a big, black monstrous Lenovo and I am more of a sunshine and kittens, white, Macbook girl myself. Oh well. It’s for work and has a really nifty big ol screen and stuff. And it wasn’t that expensive. Downside: Vista. I’ve had it for a week and only took it out of the box today. I fear it. I’m still not quite sure what happens if you close the lid without asking permission from the OS first.

Passover is firmly upon us. Because of the kindness and generosity of others, we’ve yet to actually cook anything at home. And it’s pretty warm outside, so I’m planning on living off of yogurt and chocolate.

We are home for most of the week relaxing, but we’re scheduled to go to Ein Gedi and Masada on Thursday. Suffice it to say a tour near the Dead Sea sounded like a fabulous idea two months ago when I was a) not that pregnant and b) cold. The folks planning the trip have already assured me I can take the cable car to the top instead of hiking. Note to self: Bring vast quantities of water. And chocolate.

Tomorrow, we’re hoping to go to Jerusalem and visit the Israel Museum and Shrine of the Book. Many museums in Israel are free during Passover since most of the country takes a vacation and this one is no exception. The whole museum is far more than you can take in during one day, but we’re only visiting a small portion of the exhibits since most of the permanent collection is closed until the end of remodeling in 2009 (or something to that effect, please don’t quote me).

And of course, no week of vacation would be complete without a trip to IKEA. The last time we were there, two weeks ago this Friday, we purchased a dresser with a changing table topper, a mattress and a little shelf. We were assured the matching crib would be in stock within a week (64 of them on order – hey, it’s a small country), so we’re hoping to buy the remainder of the furniture for the baby’s room at that time.

* I am almost certain there is an official name for this, but when it’s “ho hum, everything’s normal” it’s very easy to blow it off afterward.

** My mum called me Sweet Pea as a little girl. She passed away on April 23, 2000, and I think of her so much this time of year. So much has happened since she died (graduation, marriage, aliyah and pregnancy), but I hope she would be proud of me and where I am today. It’s strange to think that next year at this time, God willing, we’ll have a little someone to be proud of too.


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