Lake-effect pregnancy

Just back from the doctor, and boy, my bladder is tired.  And it’s only going to get worse.

Short story: All is well. I am 18 weeks preggers. BeeGee likes my doc and waved at him. He made a point of telling me the baby was waving at him, not me. He also forced me to conduct my entire appointment in Hebrew, which is, actually, one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. I learned a lot very quickly. No one here forces you to learn Hebrew, so this was actually a welcome change. My doc gets picked on for bad bedside manner, but I think you just need to get to know him a bit. He’s actually got a good sense of humor when you get him laughing, and, well, me attempting to speak Hebrew could make anyone laugh.

In a nutshell, I’m fine, the baby is fine and that’s all good. This is coming off a very rough weekend.

TMI alert: Last Wednesday, I had a pasta dinner that didn’t really agree with me. The Dark Days of Vomiting came back; I threw up eight times from Thursday afternoon (Yay! Purim!) until the wee hours of Friday morning. What was really problematic, is that I was losing fluids at both ends. Between the vomiting and the diarrhea, I lost six pounds in 24 hours.

Which took me to a new low body weight: 178. Yup. I lost everything I had gained and two more pounds to boot. Water weight, of course.

And then it got hot in Israel. Really hot. As in, the high for Tel Aviv was reportedly 101 on Sunday. We had a sharav *, which I think translates roughly to “hell on Earth” in English.

Amazingly, I didn’t feel dehydrated, so I kept a low profile at home and relaxed. I pushed fluids. I (obstinately) didn’t go to the doctor. But it’s all okay.

That said, my blood pressure is still a little low (90 systolic, didn’t catch the diastolic in Hebrew but it was – uh – lower) so I need to drink more fluids. For the record, I was already getting 1.5-2 liters of fluids a day. And now?

3 to 3.5 liters a day. Preferably as much water as possible.

I asked if this was just for the duration of the hot weather. The answer: No. It’s for the duration of the pregnancy.

So, stay tuned for my next post: The Do-It-Yourself Home Catheterization Kit. And when you hear about the water shortage in the Middle East, just think of me. I am my own lake. The baby’s cousin might be named Kinneret, but damn if this little girl ain’t going to give her a run for her money on the total water volume front.

* Or a dry desert wind. It jacks up the temperature by a good 20 degrees. I think it comes from the Arabian peninsula or Africa or something. I’m not so good at geography.

Other news and notes:

  • I feel great. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. As in, probably a good eight years ago. I have been accused of glowing, but I think I was just a little flushed from walking in the heat. I think part of the Good Tidings of Today is the unhealthy weight loss (though what I lost will in effect be quite healthy for me after pregnancy, barring any harm to the baby – and no, that doesn’t make it okay to intentionally lose weight in pregnancy, which I absolutely didn’t) and part of it is just that the second trimester is easier.
  • My doctor jokingly said he would like me to gain 30 kilo (66 pounds – the 30 pounds I lost plus 25-35 for a normal pregnancy growth) for the whole pregnancy. I think he was joking. I sure as hell hope he was joking. I talked him down to 15 kilo (33 pounds – starting, uh, now I guess), but in reality, I would be thrilled with eight to 10 (17 to 22 pounds). I’m just not gaining that much weight (I know, hate me, but this is a first for me) but the baby seems healthy and is even getting a little pudge on her. I mean, as long as the baby is healthy and I feel great and have energy and good bloodwork, vitals, etc., does it really matter?
  • The baby kicks a lot. She likes music, especially classical Russian composers and piano sonatas, and her Abba’s voice. And when I fart. She loves that. She jumps when something falls on the floor or makes a loud noise. She sleeps in the afternoon and starts kicking somewhere around 3 a.m. If I rub my lower tummy, I can occasionally get her to go back to sleep (last night, no dice – up till 5:30 a.m. – I assume/hope you learn how to sleep through this). I can’t wait until the kicks are strong enough to be felt outside so the hubby can play along.
  • I look pregnant. If I could stay just this pregnant until I delivered, I would be ecstatic. Yeah, not going to happen. I saw a belly shot of someone who was 37 weeks the other day. I am going to look like a full-on shipping barge by the time all is said and done. What’s funny is that I can’t imagine being any bigger than I already am – I can’t help but keep thinking, where in the hell is it all going to go?
  • I already waddle. Not because I am that big, but because my hips seem a little shaky.
  • I swam somewhere around a mile last week. I will not be doing this again any time soon, as I fully appreciate having the ability to lift my arms – a skill I lost for about 48 hours after said swim. Other than that, it was good. The baby doesn’t like it when I swim front crawl with a flutter kick, but I thought it was a little early to start lecturing about hypocrisy and what that means. I get the feeling she drowns me out when I start to lecture.
  • I own maternity clothes. They are very comfy. I may never stop wearing them.
  • Next up is more blood work and another ultrasound in a month. Eventually, there will be a glucose test. I will try to be a good sport about posting, but I can’t help but feel that my life is pretty boring right now. Questions are always welcome.

3 responses to “Lake-effect pregnancy

  1. I think your first translation was dead-on. It’s sooo gross out.

    And yeah, you look great.

  2. Boring? Doesn’t sound boring to me…

    I am trying to send any weight I lose over your way, but I’m obviously not doing a very good job (neither of losing it nor of sending it over).

  3. Will you post a picture of yourself? I’d like to see you glowing! Glad all is going well. Happy water drinking!

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