From the uterus of Sasquatch, I bring you: Bigfoot.

Or feet, as it were. Two big feet.

We just got back from our early scan. We’re something in a 15 to 16 weeks pregnant. Unless you go by the head, in which case, I’m running about a week ahead.

And by all measurements and checks, we have a healthy little girl on the way.

She has a big head and big feet. Pretty little hands and short little femurs. Two little eyes, ears and all the right organs in all the right places. The placental arteries also look good and are pushing the right fluids right through.

Meanwhile, mommy has a helluva head cold. I have permission to take Robitussin and Tylenol and plan on availing myself of both.

And let me introduce you to my newest little adopted nephew: Baby Boy Inbar made his arrival on Saturday morning, much to his mother’s delight.


4 responses to “Bigfoot

  1. Great news- healthy and a girl…

  2. I’m so happy everything’s going well!!! I heard rumors that you’re even starting to show???

  3. It’s true. It’s like my butt fell out of my stomach, but I checked and the Jlo tushie is still there too.
    I was worried that when I started showing I would just look fat, but it’s worse than that. I look really fat, but not round enough to look pregnant.
    The funny thing is, everyone keeps asking if I’m wearing maternity clothes since I’m showing. But I’m not: Between the weight lost since making aliyah and the weight lost during morning sickness, most of my clothes still fit. Just awkwardly.

  4. So great to hear that everything is going well! Congrats on your little girl!!! Feel better too!

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