Two weeks

The answer: Two weeks.

The question: How long does it take an infertile woman in the second trimester to start panicking that there is something wrong with the baby because of how long it has been since her last ultrasound?

I’ll take “Potent Pregnancies” for $500.

In other news, my doc told me I need to gain a kilo a week during the second trimester. I would have told him to sober up, but didn’t think that would go over well. I’m shooting for a pound a week, which seems more achievable. To hit this, the estimate is that I will need 2500 calories a day. I’ve been hitting that for five days now, or at least close to it, and I did it.

I gained my first pound. I am now 181. Yay!

I have adopted a method: A Double Whopper value meal a day makes me a happy pregnant woman. Consider it a stock tip.

And we have the “early scan” next Sunday night. When asked what they were going to be looking for, I replied, with all my wit and candor, a baby.

And now! For book club.


One response to “Two weeks

  1. hooray for prenatal baby videos šŸ™‚ maybe she’ll smile for you.

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