Maybe he was right…

Caveat emptor: First off, if you still respect me but not my sick sense of humor or music taste, this might be a post to skip. Or, at least, don’t click on the playlist if you don’t appreciate some colorful language in your music. And please see the editor’s note at the end before you pillory me in the comments.

A friend sent me a link from Mother Jones magazine. The article has a list of songs used by American troops to torture prisoners in military prisons.

Some thoughts to note:

My response to this article was assuredly not what Mother Jones wanted. I quickly cranked up the volume on my laptop to bathe BeeGee (Baby Girl Brown’s name from here on out – and no, it was picked before I saw “Stayin Alive” on the list) in what is ostensibly a playlist from my dearly departed iPod (rest in peace, Mighty Whitey).

This confirms what has been alleged by the hubby on several cross-country car trips: My choice of music is torture. * And this one didn’t even have Nine Inch Nails on it!

I will agree with them on a couple things though: the theme from “Sesame Street” and Neil Diamond is torture. I, for one, would think this is worse than the highly controversial waterboarding.

What songs would you add to the playlist? I vote for Ummbop.

Editor’s note: No, torture isn’t funny. No, waterboarding probably isn’t funny either, even if it bears more than a passing resemblance to what we used to do to a kid on my swim team. No, I am not meaning to make light of things that are potentially very serious and politically sensitive, etc. No, I don’t think war is funny – remember, I live in Israel?

But yes, I do think it’s funny to make people who hate America for it’s freedom and democracy listen to “America” and “Born in the USA.” And no, “White America” isn’t the best track from that Eminem album. And yes, I do listen to stuff like that. And my kid might, too.

* Whatever buddy. Driver picks the music. Since the hubby has road-induced narcolepsy, guess who drove every mile of every road trip we ever went on?


3 responses to “Maybe he was right…

  1. LOL, they play the Meow Mix tune?

    I nominate “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.

  2. I thought a simulator of a neurological MRI…
    Believe me, after 40 minutes in that thing, I would have told the tech anything he wanted to know.

  3. Here’s one for the torture circuit – how ’bout “The Song that Doesn’t End”, by Shari Lewis and Lambchop?? That song used to send my sister into fits. 🙂

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