Ten things meme

Malky over at the Benedict Family tagged me.

Ten things you’ll never hear me say:

1. You’re right, I’m wrong. *

2. That’s enough back rub for now.

3. I wish I got less sleep.

4. Michael Phelps just doesn’t do it for me.

5. Land for peace is the perfect solution!

6. Infertility was a blessing in disguise!

7. All this free time and nothing to do.

8. Life was better without the Internet.

9. What my life really needs is more halachic stringency.

10. My family and I are really close.

Everyone I know is ridiculously busy, so I’m not going to tag specific folks. But feel free to jump in if you’d like!

* It’s part of my charm, really. Or so I keep telling myself.


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