It’s a toss up

Not sure which I find more amusing.

a) That I now own a nursing bra. (giggle)

b) That in six months time I might actually have to use it. (snort)

Either way, it makes me chuckle. Like a teenage boy. Man, I’m just snorting sitting here thinking about it. I am so immature when it comes to successful procreation.

Let’s face it: Boobies are a little funny.

And thanks to Trilcat. She helped me explain the State of My Breasts in Hebrew.

Now, a question. I understand the whole drop-down-cup-look!-a-boobie phenomenon, but exactly how much of said breast does the kid need in order to properly NOM NOM NOM? Because damn if this bra doesn’t just send the whole shootin’ match flopping out on into the free world.


3 responses to “It’s a toss up

  1. I never bothered with nursing bras. I found them too flimsy. At home I went braless and when I occasionally nursed in the car I just took it off – discreetly of course 😀

  2. I just tagged you for a meme. Check out my site for details.

  3. they only need the areola and nipple to NOM NOM NOM. But you need a bit more around there to manipulate the thing into the baby’s mouth.

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