To eat … perchance to dream

When I found out I was most likely pregnant, I did not hesitate to share the news with the world. I did not fear the p word. I did not worry about jinxing it.

But I fear the o word. I am so reluctant to say that I might just be okay. Getting better. Not puking. Eating lots of real food. I do not want to jinx it and return to those dark days. I’ve had bad injuries in life. I’ve been hospitalized. And I gotta tell you I’ve never felt as bad as I did then.

Now, I almost feel like a real human being. And I really hope it lasts. It was so depressing.

At this morning’s doctor appointment, my blood pressure was perfect at 110/70. My doc took me off all of my meds except prenatals, naturally.*

And so far, I’m feeling really good. I hope it holds out. But even now, I still get dizzy if I sit upright for too long or don’t drink enough fluids. I’m going back to work in the office tomorrow and might have to work on site for the company I’m writing for later this week. It seems like a huge leap from keeping food down, but I hope it all works out okay.

And I got another cute ultrasound, with a cute kid awake and kicking. The first of three today.

Tonight, we got to go back to the women’s center here for the nuchal fold translucency test. As far as we can tell, all is well and the risks are low (about 1:6,000). We actually got to do the test twice since the doctor forgot to write down the measurement (1.3 mm). The kid flipped between scans so we really got to see the whole kit and caboodle.

And for those of you keeping score at home, the doc says that … most likely … we will not be planning a bris for this one. It appears to be a little girl.

Which is way better than the puppy I keep dreaming about.

We should be able to tell more clearly when we do the early scan in about three weeks.

* Therein ending any hope I had of having a bowel movement during this pregnancy.


8 responses to “To eat … perchance to dream

  1. Great news!!!

    BTW, at the risk of being the one with the assvice, there are some solutions to the iron issues – along with my daily double-dose of full-strength iron, I’m taking one condensed dried fruit pill a day and it seems to be enough. (Hey, at least they’ve found some things that are safe during pregnancy…)

  2. I think your doc’s a bit loony if he can “tell” the gender in a 13 week scan…
    Who knows? He’s got a 50% shot at being right!

  3. Keeping the proverbial fingers crossed that the non-sick stuff holds!

  4. I thought you looked better. Yay for better. Keep feeling it.

  5. CE,
    I know what you mean. I kind of thought that too. I think we’ll be more certain in a month or two.
    Especially since he thinks it’s a girl. I mean, I would think it would be easier to sucessfully pick out a boy, so to speak. But we’ll see.
    At least it’s not kittens.

  6. Wonderful news! Hope that everything continues to “move” and go well.

  7. At 13 weeks, they’re about 85% correct, for girl or boy.

    And yeah, congrats on not being pregnant with kittens!

    And Rach, ass-vice usually means bad advice, not advice on things having to do with the ass 😉

  8. So glad your feeling better. I hope it lasts. Yay for it being a girl probably – girls rock.

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