Reduce temperature to 350…

and continue to bake for another 45 minutes.*

Too tired to post lately. And keeping my thoughts and prayers on a lot of ladies out there who are having a rough go.

But! 10 week scan today and all looks good! And at 10 weeks you get a good old-fashioned abdominal goo ultrasound.**


Head is to the right, et al is to the left. I am a little reluctant to speculate, but I think the Bean might be sucking his/her thumb. The little bugger is actually measuring a day ahead of schedule, but I think the measurements might be a bit arbitrary.

Vomiting is kicking my butt still. Things are more extreme: Really good days and really bad days. But overall, I’ll take “shitty occassionally” to “shitty all the time” any day. Oh! And I gained three pounds back.

I am actually reaching the point where I could consider doing this again.

We’ve been in Israel six months now. I still get a big kick out of the way Israelis pronounce things in English. Inside me there is, on any given day, a:

a) Fetus

b) Fay-toos

c) Fee-ay-toos or Fee-ahh-toos (accenting the second syllable)

d) Fee-tee-toos (totally my favorite – for the record, I mispronounced nudity until I was about 14 and I grew up speaking this language)

This country is the greatest.

More to come when I’ve had a long nap and more canned peaches.

* Yes, I just compared my pregnancy to the recipe for pumpkin pie that you get on the back of the Libby’s canned pumpkin cans. It’s better than what I was comparing it to a few weeks ago. Pumpkin pie sounds kinda good now…

** Or what fertile women like to call “an ultrasound.” The rest of us know better. “Ready for my closeup in room 4…”


4 responses to “Reduce temperature to 350…

  1. Great news! I saw the picture yesterday while surfing on a Nokia N810 and it looked even clearer there (don’t ask. We have the craziest gadgets in our house. None of them belong to us.)

    Congrats on the weight gain šŸ™‚ At least it sounds like a good sign…

  2. Nice! Very cute little Kirblet. (or Shimmer?)

    Congrats indeed on the weight gain.

    Feel good!

  3. Aw, SHIT’s first picture šŸ˜‰ Speaking of which, while I hope you don’t feel bad at all, if you must feel bad, I sincerely wish for you that you are only feeling bad occasionally and not all the time!

  4. Oh, and mazal tov on the project with the Bigwig!! That’s fabulous news.

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