Some context for yesterday.

First off, I have lost 18 pounds, but let’s remember that I started out at 206. Am at 188, which is still a lot. And yes, pretty much everyone who hasn’t seen me for a couple weeks always starts with “wow, you lost weight,” but for the most part I am feeling better. I am far from miserable and almost have a normal life most days. I haven’t vomited yet today and I didn’t wake up in the night to vomit (yep, that happens too). I do not vomit more than four times a day, which is still considered within the normal range according to my doctor. I am back to peeing pretty frequently, which is a sign that I am getting enough fluids.

I am off the Endometrin, which makes me a happier camper and will in theory help with the nausea and exhaustion. I am still taking folic acid (duh) and Pramin/Reglan.
I have been cleared to sit in hot things and use a heating pad as long as my body temp doesn’t hit 102. So I take my temp occasionally in the tub.

Having had broken ribs before, I’m pretty sure I cracked one on the right side. The doc concurs but, of course, they aren’t going to do an x-ray since I am a) pregnant and b) you can’t really do anything to treat ribs even if they are broken. He poked around a bit and thinks that’s what it is. The biggest downside is that most of my bras fall right around that area. Note to self: Get new bras. Your old ones really don’t fit anymore. I’ve been stalling since my breasts haven’t grown much (I guess due to weight loss) but my ribcage is definitely bigger. I pretty much just live in sports bras.

As for curbing the weight loss, the doc said I should eat anything that is remotely appealing to me and eat as much as I want regardless of the nutritional content. If the morning sickness doesn’t go away by the end of the first trimester, they will create a plan for weekly or biweekly IVs in an attempt to prevent me from being hospitalized, which is nice.

And I’m starting to get weird cravings. I had a hankering for McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce the other night. Not McNuggets (gah! chicken) but just the sauce. I tend to crave salty things and sugary things, but not so much the fat. That’s still pretty unappealing.

Upon showing the hubby the ultrasound last night, he immediately said: “Oh yeah, there’s the head and there’s the butt.” And he picked the exact opposite of what I thought. So maybe it’s not quite as clear as I had hoped.

And thanks to everyone for the kind wishes and positive thoughts. It is really appreciated (especially the SMS messages from Vietnam).


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