It’s all right here

For the record, I napped earlier and couldn’t fall asleep now if you paid me. And I ate a whole bag of potato chips. An Israeli bag, much smaller than the vats we used to get in the U.S. And I would give my left kidney (I’m seemingly more fond of the right one) for a chicken queso burrito from Qdoba right now, which is unfortunate since a) it’s not kosher in the least and b) they don’t have Qdoba in Israel (why? see part a).

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot more folks who found me through search engines. It’s time for another round up of how you found me:

Why would I ovulate early: Lots of potential reasons. Hoping yours isn’t the same as mine … eg. my doctors are morons.

Why does endometrin leak out three hours afterward: Because otherwise you might have slept soundly feeling as though you were adequately treating whatever condition it was prescribed for.

What to expect with the lupron cycle: For me, headaches. But otherwise I felt much better on lupron than on Gonal F, which is exactly what my nurse said wouldn’t happen. I have since concluded that I am made for menopause.

What temp bath when you are pregnant: Umm. Jury is still out. My doc said it won’t cause you to bleed, but simply put, warm water thins your blood so it sure as hell won’t help you to stop bleeding either. I am back to taking scorchingly hot baths (as in, your skin turns bright red) and my last ultrasound showed the subchorionic hematoma thingee supposedly went away. B’ezrat Hashem, tomorrow’s scan will show the same.

Six weeks and four days: It’s not just for Abraham Lincoln speeches anymore. In other news, a house divided against itself cannot stand. I had to try and explain that to my British and Israeli coworkers the other night, to no avail.

Bourekas in Queens: Man, you did not get what you wanted. But don’t miss my posts on Italian cheeses.

What to expect when you’re pregnant: Less shots, ideally, than when you’re not pregnant. Also see Feeling nauseous and a 99 temperature below

Pregnancy wife tail: Hope you meant tale and not tail. That sounds like a personal problem.

Lasagna+meaning+nasty: Heh. Bet you got way more than you wanted.

Do electric blankets raise your core temp: Only when you turn them on. In our house, a heating pad is an adequate substitute for central heating. So I think the core temp is remaining about the same.
Feeling nauseous and a 99 temperature: Welcome to my world.

Zir hemed: I didn’t even know what this was until I looked it up. Funny, it’s on my blog. They help folks with infertility in Israel. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have a Web site, since I’m the second hit for them on Google (right behind Nefesh B Nefesh). Edited to add: Spelling it correctly helps – try searching for zir chemed and they do have a site (duh – they’re Israeli).


One response to “It’s all right here

  1. Scorchingly hot baths? My doc is against spending any more than 5 minutes in anything hot (e.g., jacuzzi) and yes, he really doesn’t have a scale in his office…

    Your doctors may be morons, but fortunately you took matters into your own… um… er… well, I guess not *hands*…

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