Graduation Day

This has to be short since I’m at work.

Scan went well. Dating 7w6d as expected. Good strong heartbeat. Can just begin to make out a head and a bum, though I’m not quite sure which is which.

Started having some chest pains this morning under my right breast. Doc thinks I might have cracked a rib from vomiting. I’m hard core. It’s been bad the last few days.

Graduated to having a real doctor today, but I still have to go back to my clinic in two weeks for another ultrasound and have to call them twice a week with my weight since I am still losing weight. My goal is to make it past 10 weeks so I can start seeing a different doc in town (who does not have a scale) and then get a free pass on the weight loss stuff. I am down 18 pounds since I got pregnant.


5 responses to “Graduation Day

  1. Holy crap- a cracked rib really is hardcore! I really think I got super lucky with never vomiting and MS cleared up by 12 weeks. I know, what a bitch…feel free to reach across the Net and slap at will…

  2. Yeah. I’m not going to take that risk, I’m closer by… (I mean the offer to slap.) and I’m sure that going through the first trimester 6x without ever vomiting would certainly earn me that…

    I had no idea it was still bad. I kind of thought that all the things you were doing were helping. 18 pounds is really a lot. I’m glad they’re keeping an eye on you. Are you able to drink enough?

  3. No, it is much better. As in, I lost two pounds in the last week, not six. It’s as though my body’s response is to up the effort. Kind of a “I see your Pramin and raise you two dry heaves.”
    But it’s all good. And they are keeping a good eye on me.

  4. holy smokes. I didn’t know you could crack ribs from barfing.

    I’m sorry you’re still feeling awful.

  5. And from Hanoi, Vietnam my mom (DrSavta) says (by SMS) that she is very happy that your scan went well. (To quote, she said, “Great news!”)

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