Naked ignorance on display

I consider myself to know a fair share about infertility. Or, at least, I know a helluva lot more than the average Jane who is fertile. Not that that’s a high hurdle to leap, or anything.

But I keep reading about people who have cysts on their ovaries and the math boggles my mind. I have heard of people having 40 mm cysts. Now, I just got to Israel a few months ago and kind of suck at the whole metric system, but isn’t 40 mm also 4 cm? Aren’t ovaries usually the size of an almond? Doesn’t that mean that the cysts are bigger than the ovaries?

That must be horrific. If I’m grasping this correctly (which is always a shot in the dark with me) then those folks are really having a rough go of it.

Enlightenment welcome.


4 responses to “Naked ignorance on display

  1. Yup ovarian cyst suck something bad. I was taken to the er one night in pain. come to find out i had a 4cm (2in) cyst on my right ovary. Since then i seem to get a large cyst on that ovary almost every other month. my last cyst was measuring around 3cm in my october/november cycle.

  2. You are right. 40mm = 4cm. Definately bigger than an ovary.

    During a cycle each mature follicle can get to 25mm and there can be heaps (if you are lucky) of them during a stimulated cycle. Must look like a bunch of grapes!!


    Glad to hear you are starting to feel better.

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Oh, if only there were such a support group in my area. We went to a loss support group VERY early on, and it was OK. The problem was, most of the couples there already had children, and at the end of the meeting, one of the women commented to the other that her living child is such a source of comfort to her. Ouch. We don’t have that source of comfort.

    Wow–a group for couples who not only had a medical termination, but a medical termination for a FATAL condition. I’ve never heard of anything so specific. (RTS–Resolve Through Sharing–was the name of the group I went to. I understand it’s a national group, and it’s for miscarriage/stillbirth/early infant loss/you name it.)

  4. By the way, I find your writing really sharp and interesting. Unfortunately (as you probably could have guessed by reading my last post), I just can’t become a regular reader at this point in my feeling-sorry-for-myself stage. If/when I become pregnant, I’ll be back. 🙂

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