The evil within

Okay, not really. God forbid. But here’s an early ultrasound pic of something dating 6w4d according to crown-rump length.


At least, I hope it is. I would feel really dumb if this is one of the shots of my ovaries or something.


5 responses to “The evil within

  1. What a darling little parasite! I still have the ultrasound pic from 6w5d on our fridge. I think I am more proud of that little blob with its flickering heartbeat that decided to finally sprout and stay than all the rest…

  2. HOLY PAJOLIES! Kirby, I’m very excited for you and the mister. B’Sha’a Tova!

  3. Aw, the Evil is so cute! Who’s s/he look like? πŸ˜‰

  4. OMG, it looks just like Kinneret did at that age. You must be having a girl πŸ˜‰

  5. I think shit (she/he/it) looks more like the hubby so far. Clearly, you can see the height and well-defined features.
    So hoping that’s not actually a shot of my ovary…

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