Making it work

I am slowly trying to get back to the world of the living. Wherein I have a job.

I don’t know that I have HG or if this is going to be an ongoing problem (I doubt it), but I’m trying to treat it really aggressively in the event it doesn’t resolved itself soon. This way, if it stays I will have a plan in place and if it doesn’t maybe the techniques will help someone else.

I am afraid to say this lest I jinx myself, but the B6 appears to be working. I took 50 mg last night while I was still feeling good. I did wake up early this morning feeling nauseous but I managed to get three plain crackers down and didn’t vomit. About an hour later I had some ginger ale and a Tylenol (leg cramps and a headache) and fell back to sleep. That was 6 a.m., now it’s 1 p.m. and I slept the whole time. Thank God, I have a job where I can sleep all morning through the worst of it (I do feel much sicker in the mornings than in the evenings) so there is some hope for getting back in the groove.

The hubby and I have also made a little “care table” next to the bed. I’ve got ginger ale, flat coke, crackers, various meds, cell phone, remote control for the stereo and the laptop.

I’m basically back to where I was about a week ago. A little queasy, eating and drinking very little, and no appetite, but that’s a huge step up from the incessant vomiting. I do worry about the parasite not getting very good foods right now to build a body from, but I’m going to get back on the prenatal vitamins and will do my best. That’s about all I can do.


2 responses to “Making it work

  1. Keep in mind that at most, baby weighs a few grams – it doesn’t need much. In addition, it gets all the good stuff first, so you really don’t need to worry about its nourishment right now.

    I’m so glad the B6 seems to be working – that is something I never tried…

  2. I just hope something works for you…this must be horrible.

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