Make that six weeks, four days

Ultrasound went very well. The parasite has a heartbeat and is measuring two days ahead of schedule. This would explain the high beta. My first thought was – Thank God, two less days of morning sickness. I know, it doesn’t quite work that way.

The bleeding appears to be gone. I still have to take the Endometrin though. I have another ultrasound on Tuesday and it would have been good to ask if they mean this Tuesday or next Tuesday, but I have a husband to make those sorts of calls for me. If that one is okay, I graduate from infertility to having a real OB.

The vomiting is back. So far I’ve only kept down a few sips of ginger ale today. The hubby is on his way to the supermarket for regular coke, saltines and some other stuff. And vitamin B6 and antacids. I also got Sea-Bands but can’t say they’ve helped a great deal yet. If I get much more dehydrated, we will likely go for an IV. Gotta admit I don’t really know where to do that (Terem?)

My nurse says that the frequency of my vomiting means I might have hyperemesis gravidarum. Anything more than four pukes a day is a problem (last Thursday was 11) and I’m still losing weight. I’ve lost about six percent of my body weight since I got diagnosed as pregnant. Five percent is usually cause for alarm. Ten percent means a hospital stay. Not much I can do about it except try and get better. I think it’s a little alarmist to call it HG, but we’ll have to see.


5 responses to “Make that six weeks, four days

  1. I vote for this Tuesday (why not get another free peek at your cutie)… If you made a mistake you can always fix it by coming again next week πŸ™‚

  2. Sorry you’re so sick. I have a friend with HV right now and she went on the IV through her OB telling her to go to the ER. It’s scary, but they will help you determine if you really have it or not. Good luck with everything…and yeah, take another scan to remember why you’re puking your guts out!

  3. 11 in ONE day? Yikes. I’m glad to hear that your bleeding stopped though and that the baby is looking good! Here’s to hoping that the vomiting stops soon!!

  4. Back from Terem. Two liters of IV and “HG” on my discharge papers. Let’s hope it passes shortly.

  5. Ack! frack! That’ll teach me to post before I finish completely catching up!!!! b’sha’ah tova!

    I still have to finish catching up on *this* blog, though – the page opened to the most recent post – so hopefully, I didn’t put my foot in my mouth again πŸ˜‰

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