Better, sort of

For the record, I am not of the school of thought that several years of infertility treatment means that you must love pregnancy, labor and motherhood. I think you still get to hate it a good bit. In the event you don’t want to hear me whining, you might want to check back in six weeks or so, when, God willing, I will be less sick.Ā 

The vomiting stopped. I am still sick, but at least keeping minimal food and beverages down.

I have found a wonderful food that still tastes the same as it did before I got pregnant: chocolate ice cream.

I am not really a sweets and junk food person, but damn that ice cream is good.

I also went through a liter and a half of ginger ale, more cornflakes than I can count, six bourekas (smallish), some chocolate-covered cookies, some chicken and I managed to get my prenatal vitamins down with minimal dry heaviness.

Current concerns: This seems to work well as long as all I have to do is stay in bed. Unfortunately, tomorrow I need to go to a doctor’s appointment and work. Both involve taking a bus. This could end badly.

There is some fear that when they do the ultrasound tomorrow they might just see a giant cornflake. Cause I eat a lot of those now. We are hoping also to see a heartbeat. I will be six weeks, two days tomorrow.

This does all go away eventually, right? I can’t live like this for another 34 weeks.

Since it’s been a few posts without a poop tag, lemme just tell you that that whole department has shut down too. I’m hoping solid foods will get things … umm … moving again.


6 responses to “Better, sort of

  1. Have you tried those acupressure wristbands? Those have worked for me on buses and boats. (I get horrible motion sickness).

    If ginger ale is working, try some candied ginger or ginger pills (health food stores or pharmacy). Those are a little more portable than the drink and can be kept in your pocketbook.

  2. I did ok with coke, but I didn’t vomit (much). I was just wickedly nauseous.

    It really will stop eventually, and the second trimester is generally pretty much okay.

    If you need anything, let me know.

  3. First, complain away. It’s somewhat sickening to hear women be thrilled that they’re barfing all over the place and are too weak to stand up.

    Second, having had this lovely experience of morning sickness 6 times, I can say that – at least for me – it started to ease up somewhere around 9-10 weeks. By 11-12 weeks it was completely gone.

    I’m glad to hear you’re able to keep something down šŸ™‚

    Keeping my fingers & toes crossed for a great ultrasound tomorrow!!!

  4. Oh thank goodness. I can hold out for a few weeks.

  5. So sorry that it’s been so rough for you. Hopefully it’ll start to subside soon.

  6. I always feel – um, sorry isn’t quite right, bad? – bad when women who get pg after dealing with infertility feel guilty about complaining about pg symptoms.

    Just because an if woman has “gotten” what she wanted, doesn’t mean she can’t bitch about the downsides. Most intelligent people would understand that the bitching doesn’t equate to, “I wish I had never gotten pg.”

    You’ve got every right to complain about feeling like crap, and barfing, and not pooping. We won’t bitch you out. I’m just sorry you’re having to deal with all that.

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