Good news and bad news (edited)

The good news is there is one little sac growing nicely in my uterus. It is measuring 5 weeks. And I was told it was too early to even think about looking for a heartbeat. There is no ectopic stuff and everything is where it should be. Our next ultrasound is scheduled for Jan. 6.

The bad news is that there is bleeding in my uterus though it appears to be opposite the little bean and doesn’t seem to be affecting the pregnancy (aside from the fact that is is bleeding in my uterus and well, that’s kind of where pregnancies happen to take place). It is supposedly not that bad and is expected to resolve itself. In the meantime, I will be taking 100 mg of progesterone twice a day via suppository. There hasn’t been any spotting or bleeding or pain, so I’m told this is normal and the only reason we are even seeing it is because I was an infertility patient and happened to be having an ultrasound this early.

In any event, keep your fingers or other extremities crossed for us.

Edited to add (I took a nap and am more clear headed now): I should mention there is something in the little sac too. It looked like a little grain of rice inside an almond (the sac) all inside a pear (the uterus). So either I have a would-be baby growing or I’m starting a small-scale agricultural operation. They did not look for a heartbeat, so I guess that (and not miscarrying) is the next big hurdle.

My guess as to what the bleeding is? I was told my cervix is closed tight as a drum and that my mucus plug (sorry – I know it’s a bit gross) is there are very established, etc. So my guess is that this is the result of having taken aspirin up until next Friday. Maybe a bit of implantation bleeding that couldn’t get out. Only time will tell, but I took my first progesterone pill and all seems to be well.


7 responses to “Good news and bad news (edited)

  1. Great news! I know I already told you that I had similar bleeding with Abigail, but I forgot to mention that I had it with Hadas too (though with Hadas it was more serious and, even then, it didn’t seem to endanger the pregnancy). What almost always happens is that the pregnancy grows (fast) and the bleeding gets relatively smaller and then disappears completely…

    Keeping everything starred for you 🙂

  2. I had a couple days when i had slight spotting that freaked me out, which my RE decided was cervical in nature. It resolved on its own. I had my ultrasound at 5w5d and he warned us not to freak out if we couldn’t see a heartbeat, but- surprise, surprise- we were able to see a tiny flicker of one. By 7w5d we could see it well and could hear it with the doppler on the internal probe…

  3. YAY!!! That is great news : )
    Most peeps don’t get u/s so early, so I think the doc is right with that.
    Will be keeping everything crossed for you, but looks like you are off to a great start!
    PS. OMG I actually guessed right!! I should go play the lottery : )

  4. Yay for the rice-in-almond-in-pear!!! I can’t wait to hear how wonderful your next appointment goes. I’m sure the bleeding is nothing, just like the docs said. Hooray!

  5. I hope the blood issue resolves itself soon. Congrats on seeing the start of baby!

  6. Everything sounds great! Are you taking Endometrin?

  7. Yup. Endometrin it is. 100 mg. twice a day. At least they’re not pink.

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