Who inspired you?

“Sing in me Muse and through me tell the story of a man who was skilled in all ways of contending.” *

Just when you thought I’d run out of shameless acts of self promotion…

This weekend’s a fine time for a new meme. From the genius that brought you the Haiku meme comes The Muse Meme.

Who inspired you to start blogging about infertility? Who did you stumble upon when googling “low positive beta” or “ivf protocol” that introduced you to the blogosphere? Who was your first friend inside the computer?

Here’s how it works. You write a short tribute to the kind person or persons who inspired you to become a blogger. (If you’re still sitting on the fence about starting a blog of your own, this would make an excellent first post, no?) Post your tribute on your blog. You might think about e-mailing it to your muse too, just to be sure they see it. The honorees are the ones tagged, but you might want to tag a few other folks, too, especially if your muse is no longer blogging.

* Bonus points if you know who wrote it. If you are my hubby, you are disqualified, so don’t blow it for everyone.


Though several people have given me the inspiration to put my heart (and details of my vaginal secretions) into print, there was one blog that started it all for me. The impetus for “What to Expect” came when I found Persephone.

Her original blog, “In the Barren Season,” was the first infertility blog I ever found. She was someone like me – Modern Orthodox – and just as outspoken, albeit in somewhat different ways. When I found her blog, I literally sat down with a bottle of wine and read the whole thing from the first post onward.

She gave me insight into treatment and taught me two of the most important lessons you can learn when you start infertility treatment: First, some of the best advice and most vital information about treatment comes from your friends inside the computer, not from your RE, and second, that there is light at the end of the tunnel for most of us, whether it’s in the form of gorgeous little IVF twins like hers or donor eggs or surrogacy or adoption.

Persephone has moved to the other side of the two pink lines and is posting less now that she’s an Ima to Aleph and Bet. Her motherhood blog “First Fruits,” has already given me insight into what the other side looks like. It’s not all sunshine and kittens, but I’m still game. 🙂

Thanks Persephone. You don’t know me. You’ve probably never read my blog. But you inspired me to start and to connect with a community that has saved me – both physically and emotionally – more times than I can count. Through it, I’ve found literally everything from jokes that made me laugh so hard I nearly wet myself to a new adoptive family (for me and the hubby, not as a means of procreation) in Israel. Thanks a million.


I also tag es at subfertile sadness and Mary Ellen at Not According to Plan!


3 responses to “Who inspired you?

  1. Ohhhhh good meme 🙂 I will definitely do this one tomorrow.

  2. Oh I like this idea too! I will get to it soon…

  3. ‘seph got me started, too. In fact, didn’t she announce both our blogs together? Although the first blog I found was Tertia’s so close, followed of course by Julie’s A little pregnant, which was closely followed by Getupgrrl. I was so thrilled when I finally found Persephone! Finally! An orthodox blogger! It was still over a year before I started blogging myself, though.

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