Episode IV: A New Hope

So January should bring us IUI attempt #4, and God willing, IUI #1 for those of you keeping score at home.

Meterologists are forecasting a crimson tide some time this weekend, so to speak, so my up close and personal should come shortly thereafter. It’s amazing how comforting I find it to hear that I still have ovaries and a uterus.

Along with a purty new theme at WordPress, I’m trying to ditch the baggage of the last year. Here are my fertility resolutions:

1. I will start doing the healthy TTC to conceive thing again. Going to try and get more produce in my diet. No more shit food. Okay, who am I kidding? Less shit food. I’m going to start taking my prenatals again (so stay tuned for more insightful posts about me not being able to poop, which I know have been lacking as of late) and try and get the scale moving – downward – again. I kind of plateaued at about 204, but I’d love to see 180 some day soon.

2. I will attempt to stop living my life cycle to cycle…

3. But I will also start planning like someone who might have a baby within a year.* I’m going to find out the real rules about maternity leave, day care, etc. in Israel. Start looking for a job that will allow me to freelance for a good price per hour, preferably from home. And maybe put aside some money to get nifty maternity clothes when the time comes. I’m officially changing my status from “sulky” back to “hopeful.”

Otherwise, not much to report. Thanks again for all your insightful comments. I’m going to spend some time working on the new site on Friday morning, hopefully, and will get the blogroll back in place. Feel free to e-mail me if you’d like to be on it.

And despite how funny my previous tags were, I think I’m going to shoot for some real tags now. The funny stuff will just be catagories now. Which might help more folks to find me – and hopefully, find what they’re looking for. Yup, that means a “poop” tag is likely in order.

* Lest I sound like a single would-be parent, I’m just the one who handles the financial planning in our house.


3 responses to “Episode IV: A New Hope

  1. Congrats on the new blog! I’m very impressed with your optimism (though, honestly, I believe you have every reason to be optimistic). Stop living your life cycle-to-cycle? Is that even possible? I didn’t find it to be…

    I still owe you a comment on your last post which I read and enjoyed, despite feeling that it was sad.

  2. Congrats on the new site! The theme looks great! Glad that you are moving to the hopeful range, G-D knows, I could use some positive vibes myself right now.

  3. Love the new site. I hate blogger.

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