Kirby 2, Medical science 0

Cycle canceled. I guess I wasn’t so impatient after all.

From the looks of things, I ovulated on Wednesday. Which means that if we had triggered Tuesday like I planned, we would have been right on target. By Thursday, my estrogen had dropped and my progesterone had skyrocketed.

Which means I’m right – again –but it’s not much of a consolation.

As it it, I’m shit out of luck again. Has anyone else ever heard of this being a problem during infertility treatment? Cause this is four cycles canceled because I ovulated “too early” and I’m getting a little sick of it.

I am still optimistic that, when we actually receive treatment, it will work. I’m just not too optimistic that that will ever actually happen.

There is still the hope that we might conceive on this cycle on our own. It appears as though I ovulated nine eggs, four of which were expected to be mature. Only time will tell.


8 responses to “Kirby 2, Medical science 0

  1. I’m so sorry *hugs*

  2. That so sucks 😦 I was hoping to hear you finally had your first treated cycle.

    Still hoping y’all managed on your own 🙂

    Take care, thinking of you!

  3. ‘hope bagels help. I know they lull me into oblivion.

  4. It didn’t happen to us multiple times, but this did happen to me on the only IUI we tried. On Friday at my monitoring appointment, I had a 18mm follicle. Saturday I felt ovulation pains. Sunday? No follicles at all.

    I’d push your doctor as to why, since this has happened multiple times already, he won’t let you trigger sooner.

    I have also heard about using lupron in an IUI cycle until you trigger – you may want to ask about that. Lupron will make it so that you DON’T O early.

    Hugs and hopes that you will get the job done on your own.


  5. oh, how frustrating! i’m so sorry.
    i’m hoping you two manage to trump medical science!

  6. I am so very sorry…I wish I had some sound medical advice, but I would talk to your doc about earlier monitoring? Best to you…

  7. Ohh, I am so sorry.

  8. That sucks. Our cycle got canceled as well and we’re still hoping for a nice surprise. I actually got pregnant last year on a canceled cycle – miscarried at 7 weeks, but it’s definitely possible to still get pregnant on a canceled cycle.

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