Talk about folly…

Impatient, party of one, your table is ready.

So I’m a bit gun shy about missing ovulation. Cause you know, I went down that road once and it sucked a bit.

Anyhoo. Back in for bloodwork and ultrasound on Thursday morning. I know my ovaries can’t (won’t) hold out until Sunday morning and we don’t do stuff on Saturday mornings in Israel (do we? maybe we do). So that means I’ll kinda hafta trigger Thursday night and have the IUI Friday morning. Right?


I have a degree in journalism, which is a nice way of saying I am mathematically challenged. Which is why it took me this long to realize 18 mm = 1.8 cm. Which is really big, in the microscopic realm of things. Especially since I had 24 follicles measuring 14 mm larger during our canceled IVF cycle. No wonder I felt like arse. That’s like shoving a bunch of grapes up into either side of your nay nay.

I feel a bit like crap now too. The headaches continue and I’m waffling between bitchy and klempy. And I’ve put on six pounds in a week, which I know is bloating from the meds, but I still don’t like it when I did such a nice job of losing weight recently.


On a not completely unrelated note, I’m building in a backup plan in case of another failed/canceled cycle. If things go badly, I’m going to get a gym membership here in Modiin and try and jumpstart the weight loss again. I have lost 26 pounds since we moved to Israel (more than 10% of my body weight!), but I’ve totally plateaued and need to expand my efforts to outright aerobic exercise.


It’s Hanukkah here in Israel (okay, duh, it is everywhere else too, but) and we’re hoping a great miracle can happen here for us, too. Keep your ovaries crossed for me.


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