My follies: with update

I tried to come up with a pithy title, but I need a nap.

Just back from the doc’s office. They didn’t tell me this yet (still need to see bloodwork) but I think tonight will likely be the trigger shot. They gave me the uhh, collection cup, for the hubby’s contribution to the IUI effort.

I have two dominant follies, one on each ovary, that are measuring 18 mm each. The rest are unlikely to mature, so the risk of dodecatuplets is pretty low. Today is CD12 and I think if we wait my longer, we’ll probably miss ovulation.

Meanwhile, I feel a bit like crap. I think the stomach flu is gone, but the headaches from the Gonal F are still here.

For the record, I get to do the IUI right in my doc’s office here in Modiin. I am hoping we do it tomorrow since the hubby’s university is on strike (okay, his program is generally not affected and he usually has class, long story) and the campus is closed completely tomorrow. Which means we could both just lay around hoping for greatness to occur in my naughty bits.

I am planning on my own bed rest for the day of the IUI. Any other tips?

I am still having a hard time believing this might actually happen. It would be the first time I had completed a full cycle of treatment. I’m 0-5.


Just kidding. Two more days of Gonal F. IUI set for Friday morning.


4 responses to “My follies: with update

  1. That was a quick leap!

    It’s great that you get to do the IUI locally. So much less of a pain!

    Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!

  2. Hoping you get the cycle ALL the way through! Thinking positive thoughts for you=)

  3. Mary Ellen and Steve

    Good luck!

  4. Oh Kirby! I am soooo there with you. Praying for good news.

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