Choose your own adventure

Both ovaries looked good. And we’re doing IUI. And I forgot to ask where this morning of passion will take place.

I have four follicles at 8 mm, which I have been told is not too many and that I shouldn’t worry about multiples.

Which leaves me with two options:

1. Worry. Which would require staying awake.
2. Not worry. Which allows me to take my stomach flu and go back to bed.

I chose 2 and turned to page 5, which is in the chapter “You and your sextuplets.”

Okay, not really. But a little nervous that the shit could go down that way.

I just took another shot (“3:30 p.m. is a fine time!”) and will take another tomorrow before bloodwork and ultrasound on Tuesday morning.

And as the proverbial optimist in situations like this one, I’m already convinced it will work.

And, heaven help me, I’m starting to think triplets wouldn’t be that bad… I blame the insanity on the Gonal F.

In other news, today was a good day for learning new Hebrew words! Although I can’t remember them, I now know the difference between “ovary” and “follicle,” which is good, cause I almost peed on myself when I thought she said I had four ovaries.

And the difference between “injection” and “ultrasound,” which is good because the tech was a bit confused when I said I gave myself my last ultrasound yesterday at 3:30.

Surely this qualifies me for ulpan bet?


One response to “Choose your own adventure

  1. I love it πŸ™‚

    Zakik is follicle (plural – zkikim) and shachala is ovary.

    About the panic – my opinion – 8mm is way too early to start worrying. At around 14 or 15 they start to be significant (at 8, some can still disappear and others can appear in their place).

    So sorry about the stomach flu!!!

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