This is what I need from you

Please tell me that I am not too old to have a large family. That there is still hope for me even though 29 is just around the corner.
In other news, CD1 is soon and IUI is planned.
More to come shortly.


8 responses to “This is what I need from you

  1. If you want to have more than 8 or so, then yeah, you might have to rush… but someone I know started at 29, spaced her children fairly well, and popped out 6 (no multiples). So yes, your options are still there.

    Rooting for you!!!

  2. Mary Ellen and Steve

    Good luck with this cycle!

  3. You’ve got to be kidding… My guess – plenty of time for at least 4 or 5 before you get to be ancient (i.e., as old as me).

  4. the Fogel Family

    We have friends who started at 27y. and have 12 K”H, but my advice to you is focus on one at a time. I find in my own life, if I am always wanting whatever is “next” then I am not fully enjoying what I have now. Worrying about how large your family can be isn’t productive for the here and now..just focus on #1. I do understand, though, I think most of us think this way about one thing or another. Good luck!

  5. I did not have my first child until I was 29. That is not at all too old. You have plenty of time.

  6. Best of luck with this upcoming cycle!

  7. I am 32 and still hoping for four (don’t have one yet!) so I am crossing our fingers for both of us!!!

  8. If you have one every two years and you stop when you’re forty, you have time for 6.

    That doesn’t seem like a tiny family.

    If you don’t mind having your kids closer together, then you still have time for 12 before you hit 40. and there’s no golden rule that says that it’s impossible to go over 40.q

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