Plan B

I know I’m overdue for an update. Here’s what’s been happening.

I went for bloodwork and ultrasound last Wednesday. Then we had Simchat Torah and Shabbat. And now it’s Sunday.

Had another appointment this morning and another ultrasound. Looks like I ovulated on Friday-Saturday-ish. Although it’s too late to do anything this cycle, the doc says we’ll do an IUI (either injectible or clomid-but definitely medicated) next month.

Here’s what we learned today in class:

1. I ovulate beautifully. I had one 14mm follicle as of last Wednesday and it assumed it grew to about 22mm before it graduated from Rose (my left ovary β€” yes, they have names) on Saturday morning.

2. As per above, we have been lumped soundly and categorically back in the “male factor infertility” group. This has upsides and downsides. It makes my hubby feel a bit like shit, but it also means that a) this should be fairly easy to fix with either IUI or IVF, b) it’s much easier than mucking around with my bits and c) it means there is no reason to suspect that I will do anything other than thrive if we do get preggo (B’ezrat HaShem).

3. Due to the fact that my husband’s sperm sample resembles a Special Olympics swim team, the doc feels there is no good reason to go the Clomid only or non-medicated IUI route. In heavily accented English: “You do not have to worry to greatly about a large-number multiple pregnancy on IUI. It’s unlikely your husband can fertilize anything without our help.” Yeah. Ouch. But this also calms most of my fears and makes me more willing to give it a shot.

4. Speaking of shots, they use the same Serono drugs I know and love here. No word on the PIO yet, but I’m thinking of developing an allergy to sesame oil.

Gotta run. They’re shooing me out of Cafe Hillel in Tel Aviv. I’ve been here for ages since the Internets went down at Casa Kirby. No more appointments until CD1, but I have lots of other good tidbits to write about shortly.


5 responses to “Plan B

  1. …and now the good news. (trying desperately to cheer you up) Sushi buffet at the David Citadel is monday night.
    Are we going tomorrow or next week?

  2. Lousy that your IUI was canceled 😦 Hugs πŸ™‚

  3. Sorry that you couldn’t do the IUI this month, but it sounds like your prospects for success in the near future are very good.

    I hope that your husband isn’t taking the diagnosis too hard.


  4. Hey Kirby,
    Just wanted to say hi and thanks for your oh so nice comment on my blog! Glad to hear that you’re looking on the bright side even with the “special Olympics sperm” diagnosis… my husband was also pretty bummed when we found out it was him… hang in there!

  5. Hey Kirby?
    Someone’s calling your name…
    Hey Kirby?
    I think I hear it again…
    You’re wanted in the blogosphere…

    OK, that’s the best I can do, but I should get credit for trying, right?

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