Getting down to business

Results are in and the news is good, if not terribly exciting.

Sperm analysis is almost identical to the U.S. results: lots of sperm, so-so motility, pretty bad morphology, but more than enough to get us good and pregnant.

Blood work is back and everything so far is completely normal. Still waiting for some blood work but I go back in again for more on Tuesday morning, along with an ultrasound to see how Milo and Rose (my ovaries, for those of you keeping score at home) are holding up, assuming they decided to make aliyah as well.

Assuming everything is looking normal, they will give me a low dose of injectibles to help me ovulate when it’s “convenient” and then we’ll do an IUI – likely next Sunday.

Convenient here having the meaning “not Simchat Torah” or “Shabbat.” In the U.S., you cycle at your doctor’s convenience. In Israel, you cycle at Hashem’s convenience. Somehow, I find the Israeli version much less annoying. šŸ™‚

In other news:

I got what looks to be a bug or spider bite on my ankle, with four others on my leg. Only one is really nasty and made me effing sick ever since Wednesday night. I am finally getting back to the world of the living, slowly but surely.

Our RE (I think he’s an RE) refuses to accept the fact that I am not Jewish according to halachah. Because of this, we cannot have IVF until we both clear a genetic screening test. And he cannot comprehend the fact that I am not going to a mikveh (mind you, the doc is not religious – or at least not outwardly so – he doesn’t wear a kippah). He said that no matter what I say, I look Jewish and he is convinced I was born Jewish. Indeed, he will not let me have an IUI until after my “mikveh night” has passed. I can’t decide if I’m flattered or not. šŸ™‚

And another weird thing: Both docs I’ve seen have told me that I’m not supposed to fast anymore for fast days. The first doc didn’t explain; the second doc says that the fragility of ovulation, implantation, etc. in someone already dealing with infertility is too precarious to skip food and water for 24 hours. In addition, he said I should eat regular meals and that if folks in my shul would frown on that, that I should not go to shul either. This is the first I’ve ever heard of such a thing ā€” certainly to the contrary of anything I ever heard in the U.S., but my doc wasn’t exactly savvy on halacha. Anyone else ever heard of anything like this? If so, did you follow it?


2 responses to “Getting down to business

  1. Wishing you the BEST luck with this cycle!!! I’m so glad things are moving along šŸ™‚

    Sorry about that bite – sounds awful!

  2. Good luck with this cycle! I can’t wait to read and see how it goes!

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