It’s not just for card games any more. It’s also the number of pounds I’ve lost since making aliyah two months ago. At this rate, I’ll reach my target weight of 90 pounds in September 2008.

Okay, not really. But 21 down and likely 60 more to go. It would appear the chocolate and honey cake (and copious fresh date) consumption hasn’t hindered my efforts. Let’s hope they keep coming off this easily.

So what changed? I walk a lot now. Not everywhere, but a lot. I eat much smaller portions of much tastier food and I stop eating before I am sickly full. So far it’s working and the numbers on the scale keep dropping.

My next goal is 23. 23 will be 10 percent of my total body weight.

But of course, I’ll stop all of it if we get pregnant this cycle. Here’s to hoping (and chocolate).


4 responses to “Blackjack!

  1. Congrats on the weight loss!!

  2. Totally awesome! I really admire you walking as much as you do & now, with it cooling down a bit, it should be much easier.

  3. wait a sec. you said you’ll reach your target weight of 90 lbs…
    that would be VERY VERY bad. 😉

    *shnoggles from the kangaroo*

  4. Wow, that’s great! And over the holidays too!

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