Infertility workup – Take 2 (edited)

Edited to add: It’s CD1

I had my appointment with the infertility specialist and clinic this morning. Very nice doc and nurse, though I promptly forgot both of their names.

He took a basic history of the situation. His said he could not tell if there was a good reason to go straight for IVF until he completes a wide range of tests. We’re pretty much starting from scratch: the hubby is going to do a semen analysis and I’m going for a massive amount of bloodwork on day 2-3 of my cycle: TSH, FSH, progesterone, testosterone, E2, LH, prolactin, glucose (!), HBsAg, CMV Ab, Rubella, Toxoplasma, Blood Group and RH, HIV-Ab, AsT, Hepatitis C, PT +Ptt Batt., ALT, AST and a complete blood count. They are also testing my thyroid (I think some of those letters refer to thyroid tests, but I don’t know so I thought I would mention it separately).

He also warned me that I would likely repeat every test I had in the U.S. again here, like the HSG, hysteroscopy, etc. I am totally okay with that and — somewhat sickly — looking forward to some of it. I already have more faith in these folks than I did with everyone in the U.S.

For once, my menstrual cycle seems to be cooperating with the testing. I have cramps that could kill a horse and expect today or tomorrow to be CD1. He would like to see me in his office by CD5, results in hand, so that there might even be some treatment given this cycle.

I am gobsmacked and impressed. Very professional, very considerate and they approach this matter with the same urgency that I do. And that’s a huge change for the better as compared to the U.S.

The back cramps are killing me and the siren song of Tylenol is calling my name. I’m going to take a nap for a bit, but hope to post more details later, like some weird stuff my doc (and the new doc today confirmed) about fast days and infertility.

Chag sameach!


3 responses to “Infertility workup – Take 2 (edited)

  1. Good luck! I hope this cycle shows good and happy stuff!

    Let me know if you need anything. I’m pretty good at hand-holding.


  2. You’re right – they take you very seriously here. Good luck!!!

  3. GREAT luck with your tests today (whatever that means :-)) I’m thinking of you!

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