So it begins

First appointment with the OBGYN is noon on September 19. I’ll be getting the usual annual exam, etc. and then we’ll go from there. I was amazed I could get an appointment in two weeks.

So here’s my question to you guys: I have two different routes I could take for this. I can either march in and demand IVF (which is not to say I would get it), listing numerous reasons and treatments that have already failed. Or we can start from scratch and get the proper workup that I never had in the states.

I’d love to hear opinions on both. I’m not saying I’ll follow the given advice — for the record, I am strongly leaning toward option No. 2 — but it would make for an interesting discussion.

It gets me to thinking about how infertility is treated in the U.S. If you have insurance, it seems to me that the docs just throw every possible solution at you until an embryo or two (or six – eek) sticks. In my case, very little effort was put into finding out what was actually wrong. I guess that works if your only goal is to have a child, but for someone who wants an actual solution and perhaps to opportunity to have a large family, it just doesn’t cut it.

And finally. Yes, I will get back to posting regularly.


2 responses to “So it begins

  1. I don’t think the march-in-and-demand approach would go over real well. Remember that socialized medicine has a lot of advantages, but one of the ‘disadvantages’ is that most expensive medical procedures need to be justified.

    In any case, I would hope that in determining what the real problem is, you might find that there’s a solution that’s simpler than IVF. I would definitely make sure to mention anything that you’ve already tried (and even exaggerate a little)…

    Good luck!!!

  2. Since you’re hoping to have more than 1 kid, I’d think you would want to get to the bottom of your problem and find the best/least invasive protocol that will get you pregnant.

    If you can get pregnant without IVF, it would probably be much easier on you in the future.

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