Don’t leave me or I’ll cry

I totally didn’t mean y’all shouldn’t read it — specially Rachel, Trilcat and the rest of the mishpocha. I just meant maybe the male portions of your household might be offended…

Please don’t go away. There won’t be anyone to water the comments and they’ll all die.


4 responses to “Don’t leave me or I’ll cry

  1. Ah, see… and I was thinking I’d give you back your privacy… None of the XYs who are related to me read blogs, so I wouldn’t worry 🙂 And, as exciting as other women’s CM might be, it wouldn’t really be something I’d discuss…
    So, write away 🙂

  2. Aww. I knew I could depend on you. You guys rock.

  3. Yeah, we wouldn’t ditch ya. we just wanted to give you your privacy. We want whatever’s best for you.

    And we’re not that easily offended. Heck, ask me nicely, and I’d even come to your doctor’s appointments with you (if husband can’t and you need support or something.)

  4. My XY has never read *my* blog! (missing, of course the opportunity to know what I really think) and, I’m told, had difficulty figuring out how to read the SMS I sent him last week so have no fear on his account. We’re just happy to have you as part of the mishpocha (meaning this time you too get souvenirs from China).

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