Another reason I adore Israel

From the Nefesh B Nefesh Web site (for the record, there are roughly 4-5 shekels in a dollar, give or take):


According to the Israeli National Health Insurance Law, insured persons (i.e. all Israeli citizens) are entitled to fertility testing and treatment including: treatments to increase sperm counts, medications, hormonal treatment, in-vitro fertilization. These treatments are an entitlement to a couple who do not have children in their current marriage (may have from previous marriages) for the first and second child and where the woman is under age 45 (there is no limit to the number of “attempts”). In general the treatments are given at no cost to the patient, apart from co-payments. These co-payments are minimal and may be for the physician visits (about 17 shekels for 3 months of visits), injections (12 shekels/treatment) and others. Health funds are only required to provide fertility services in conjunction with government hospitals. Private hospital stays and treatments may be covered partially under the health plans’ supplementary insurance or via private payment.

Supplementary insurance plans at the health plans include additional benefits including partial payment for services received in private hospitals, treatments for third, fourth, etc. child. There may be a waiting period of up to two years for these services.

Several private not-for-profit organizations provide support, information and services at no cost: These are Machon Puah and Zir Hemed.

On a different note, Israeli law allows a working woman to a paid leave of up to 16 days per treatment up to four times a year. Women may not be laid off during the time of fertility treatments.
In other news, my hcg numbers say no preggo. The progesterone is inconclusive. So I am okay to fly, but the clomid appears to have had no positive effects.

And B”H the strike is off, so the airport in Israel is working again and we should be good to go. Just a couple days left…


3 responses to “Another reason I adore Israel

  1. At least Israel respects couples’ quest to become parents, however that may happen.

    Glad you get to fly.

  2. I wish you much luck in your move. There’s some hebrew quote out there- not sure where it’s from- M’shaneh makom, M’shaneh mazal- Change your place, then your luck changes- and I hope that is the case in your situation. That’s absolutely amazing that IVF is totally covered in Israel, and your move should bring you good things!

  3. I’m commenting from Chicago, but I still hope to meet you at the airport Tuesday morning. I hope you have a safe flight πŸ™‚

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