So here’s what I did

I got a call from the nurse/case manager of my insurance plan on Friday. After a short explanation of the canceled IVF cycle, I explained that I was trying clomid and that my last cycle started on June 4. And that all stick peeing resulted in negatives.

She said it was vitally important that we rule out an ectopic pregnancy before I got on my aliyah flight. Her suggestion? Bloodwork for hcg, progesterone and and ultrasound just in case.

So I contacted the evil infertility clinic in Pittsburgh to get an order for the bloodwork and ultrasound. I was told an ultrasound would be worthless and ridiculous since nothing would show up this early.

On Friday afternoon, I had blood drawn for hcg and progesterone. On the orders it was written: STAT.

So, as I putter around Sunday afternoon, I have heard nothing back. No calls, no nothing.

Meanwhile, on to my next crisis.

We need to sell our car. This Friday. We already have an estimate. We do not, however, have the car title. Which is in the mail. So here’s to praying that our title arrives in my work mail sometime before Friday morning.

And my iPod died. It was under warranty at Best Buy, so I get a brand new one, but that does nothing to replace the 45 GB of music that was on it. And I won’t have the new one before we leave for Israel. šŸ˜¦


3 responses to “So here’s what I did

  1. I’m so frustrated for you that they haven’t gotten back to you! Grrrrr!

  2. I hope you get the blood testing worked out.

    Bummer about the IPod. That is one of my worst nightmares!

  3. ack! I hope you get answers soon!

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