Cue the EWCM! Only 12 days too late!

Yeah, you read that right. Sorry for the TMI, but on CD26 I appear to be ovulating.

I am having a hard time caring. For the first time since we started trying to conceive (!) I do not really care. I’m not going to try and fix it until we move. I do not have time to play Stirrup Queen right now.

Though I reserve the right to take 100 mg a day of clomid as soon as Aunt Flo makes the dreaded visit. We have a month till we move. No harm in trying one more time.

There are times when I just want to pick up my ovaries and uterus and shake them. I mean really. Now? You want to ovulate now? Why now? Why not when we were shagging like bunnies? What, that was too soon for you? For the love of Pete you stupid ovaries … just ovulate already! Who do I have to sleep with to get you to drop an egg?

For the record, I have no actual evidence of ovulation. I did not take an OPK. I did, however, POAS and it was a snow white negative.


1. Clomid appears to have had no effect.

2. My feminine bits are revolting. Both as in they appear not to play well with others and they are making me sick to my stomach.

3. Either that or I am pregnant and my cooter has the flu.

4. Or I am (suprise!) ovulating on CD26. If I don’t get my period in a few days I might just get my bloods done to see what the hell is going on in there.

5. Maybe I had a sex change and didn’t notice?

6. I am starting to wonder if I have PCOS. I have more hair than necessary on my face, can’t lose weight for love or money and appear not to be ovulating/am having really long cycles. Yet another fun thing we can look into in Israel.


3 responses to “Cue the EWCM! Only 12 days too late!

  1. I think our ovaries are relaxing together by the pool with a couple of martinis.

    If this cycle doesn’t work out, I hope the Clomid knocks some sense into yours next month!

  2. stupid q. Have you had your thyroid functions checked? Some symptoms you mentioned could be thyroid related.

  3. Yeah, I had them checked and they were borderline normal. Not enough to merit medication.

    But a very good idea!

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