Home sweet home (hopefully)

I know, I know it’s supposed to be an infertility blog. But I’m so excited about us finally getting at apartment. Only a few more hoops to jump through!

Our real estate agent took some photos of the apartment we are hoping to rent. If all goes well, everything should be handled by the end of this week. Here are the pics!

The kitchen.

The two main bedrooms.

Bedroom No. 2.5. Very cute. I think we’ll try and make it into an office/reading area.

The pool and commons area.

The mirpeset (patio).

Three shots of the living room.

The kitchen again.

And the view from our mirpeset.


14 responses to “Home sweet home (hopefully)

  1. We’re about three blocks away. ‘Can’t wait to meet you, neighbor!

  2. Cool šŸ™‚ You got it!

    I love that half room (if I haven’t already said that like 10 times…)

    My mom (Rona) is right, it’s actually pretty close to their house. I never thought of it that way…

  3. Ohh- it looks like a gorgeous area- love the view! Mazel tov!

  4. yeah – it’s pretty close to my mom (yeah yeah, one big happy family and all that), walkable from my house or Rachel’s if you’re a big walker… (probably 20-25 minutes walk)

    Also decently close to the bus stop at the entrance to town (sad to say, if you’re going at busy times, you may not get a seat as it’s a late stop.)

    Looks very nice! Enjoy.

  5. Looks nice.

  6. Hello kirby :)Found your blog from Mel’s place thanks to the Commentathon. Congrats on the new apartment! I love the tiles on the floor, especially in summer when everything is hotter than hot. When are you moving in?

  7. We leave the U.S. on July 30 and move into the new digs on July 31. šŸ™‚

  8. Hi Kirby, nice digs and the pool!

    Wishing you a Nesiah tovah!

  9. What an exciting adventure!

    Hope the hoop jumping goes smoothly.

  10. Just found your blog through Mel’s Commentathon. I love your blog title. Wish I’d thought of it! Best wishes in the new pad.

  11. I would LOVE to visit Israel. My husband served there and we’re planning to visit someday.

    Gosh that apartment looks sweet!

  12. Just wanted to wish you a safe and easy Aliyah trip. The apartment looks great, and I have to say that having a complex with a pool must be one of the many benefits to living in Modiin. It looks like a great place to get started and get settled.

  13. The Town Criers

    Gorgeous! It looks like a gorgeous area.

  14. Amazing view! And I love the little room you’re going to turn into an office/reading room – so cozy!

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