Gentlemen! Start your ovaries!

It would appear a challenge has been presented. It would appear that on signing up for the Commentathon, I caused all kinds of numbers to fall perfectly into place.

From recent e-mail relay with her highness, the Stirrup Queen Mel:

“If anything happens in duplicate later in life…achem…I would like some credit in whatever story you tell at the simchat bat/bris.”

To which I replied:

“No doubt — only you’ll have to share the seat of honor with a representative from Teva Pharmaceuticals — the makers of our five lovely clomiphene pills.

You realize, of course, that this would require a) your presence at said simcha which will b) likely be taking place in that fab land of milk and honey? Sounds like a damn fine reason for a vacation, no?

Tell you what — I promise to get pregnant if you promise to come visit.”

To which Mel said:

“Funny you should say that because tonight we were eating falafel for dinner and talking about going to Israel. My family lives in and around Tel Aviv. But I haven’t been over for a visit in a loooooooooong time. Perhaps–you produce the twins and I’ll produce the plane ticket 🙂 “

To which I said:

“It’s on!

Does it work on a sliding scale? So if I get quads, you make aliyah? 🙂 And if there’s just one, we have to meet you in like, London?”

Gauntlet thrown! Milo and Rose are back in action! We’ve got quite a game on our hands here people!

So you read it here first. If I (re)produce, Mel makes like Moshe and visits the Promised Land. Okay, actually, G-d willing, she’ll do better than he did. He never actually made it in.


7 responses to “Gentlemen! Start your ovaries!

  1. The Town Criers

    I am so there! Bring. It. On. I’ve got my finger hovering over the keyboard letters that spell El Al.

  2. So cool, it can be a BYOT event (bring your own twins)… 😉

  3. Booyah! What a party! Who else is going to join us? Projgen? Karen? ES? I know you’re out there…

  4. man, seriously, I’d be there, but you really think I’m getting on a plane with a four year old and infant triplets????? Are you CRAZY, woman???

  5. You’re asking the girl who self-medicated with Gonal F if she’s crazy?

    I think you have your answer. 🙂

  6. This is my first visit to your blog, and I’m already excited. Can we puh-lease have an IF blogger conference in Israel? I need an excuse to go back!

    (and the apartment you’re hoping to rent looks good to me!)

  7. I’ve never been here before, but it looks like you are having fun.

    Good luck with the twins!

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