Over the pond

I think the vast majority of my Israeli readers are or are related to Rachel Inbar. But I do get some pings from around the rest of the country. If you’re here and just haven’t commented, that’s fine too, cause this post is for you.

We’re moving to Modiin on July 31, with the help of Nefesh B Nefesh. Since we are on a charter flight, there will be a big fancy ceremony at Ben Gurion Airport when we arrive.

We don’t have any family in Israel, and the only friends are those we have made inside the computer. Ergo, we are without anyone to come and meet us. Which really will be fine, but it would be fab if anyone wants to come visit.

Again, no pressure: But if you’d like to come see us at the airport, you need to register with NBN here.


One response to “Over the pond

  1. You’re probably right 🙂 Believe it or not, my parents live less than 10 minutes away (walking) in one direction and my sister lives about 3 minutes away (walking) in the other…

    I signed up to be there and really hope that I will be able to (I can barely plan lunch for tomorrow, so a month and a half seems like an eternity).

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