Two more sets of sextuplets on the way

Like Karen, I’m really getting angry about the doctors’ roles in all of this.

The Morrisons and Masches aren’t the only ones.

Karoline Byler and Gracie Soldani are also expecting sextuplets.

From Soldani’s Web site:

“February 2007, we took it up a major notch. Stomach injections that brian had to inject into me every night for about a week followed by an ovulation shot and insemination. I was numb this time around. To afraid to have hope, but somehow strong enough to have a little faith. Brian was great, I really think he saw the intensity I had to have a baby during this process. We got through it with laughter and unsaid
hope that this would do it. I did the normal scans and the Dr. said ok it worked we had 5 viable eggs and 3 semi viable eggs. “Lets inseminate.” he said. The following week Brian made his deposits and I raced it to the lab in my bra. I felt like I was a pro by now, not even needing a bag to hide the cup. I went in for insemination later that day and the next. My Dr. was cautiously optimistic but still ever so kind. After he injected the sperm the I was instructed like always to put my feet together or up for 15minutes. While you are alone in that room so many things go through your head. In mine all I could do was be hopeful, pray and be positive I actually envisioned the egg being fertilized and attaching to my uterine wall. We had to wait about a week to see if it worked. I bought a home test and tested before the week was over, before I even peed on it, I got a strong blue positive line. Looking back I remember thinking, “wow so strong must be twins”, never did 6 enter my mind.I went in and the Dr. confirmed via blood test that I was. I was admitted to the hospital for HyperStem- which meant that my ovaries were over stimulated. I gained 30 lbs in 4 days and my stomach area was filled with cysts that were bursting, my waist grew 12 inches. My Dr. said the pain was just like labor, it was intense, i was given pain meds and hospitalized for a week. During this time i had ultra sounds, my Dr’s first scan in his office before this happened showed 1 baby, however the 1st scan in the hospital showed 5. When i was discharged my Dr. did another scan, his 2nd scan showed 5 and the 3rd scan showed 6! I know reduction was an option, maybe even a smart decision to some. At first we thought about reduction. We just feel in our hearts that after seeing the ultra sound with all the beating hearts as strong as a Vegas strip that we couldn’t go through with it. I feel that all I wanted was to see my first babies heartbeat, and now I have 6. I don’t believe God would have given us something we couldn’t handle. So onward we go, blessed with 6.”

From the Byler Web site:

“Karoline soon met with her obstetrician. He prescribed both Melaformin and Clomed. After an unsuccessful six months of treatment, Karoline’s doctor recommended she see Dr. Sanchez, a fertility specialist. After reviewing Karoline’s blood work, Dr. Sanchez determined her hormone levels were out of balance, and the her Polysistic Ovary Syndrome had worsened to a metabolic disorder. He prescribed follistram (FSH) replacement hormone. After following her doctor’s instructions, and taking the daily injection for one cycle, Karoline discovered she was pregnant.

At eight weeks Karoline was given a sonogram by Dr. Sanchez. After studying the sonogram for a few minutes, Dr. Sanchez told Ben and Karoline he could see four sacs, but could only see heartbeats in two of them. Ben and Karoline were shocked. The thoughts of possibly having twins more than surprised them. Dr. Sanchez then told them he was referring them immediately to Dr. Rammer at Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersberg for advanced sonogram testing. The next day Ben and Karoline traveled to Bayfront to meet with Dr. Rammer. The results of the testing unbelievably revealed seven sacs with six beating hearts. Dr. Rammer, herself shocked at what she’d seen, informed the couple they were having sextuplets. Ben and Karoline’s reactions mirrored the couple’s personality differences. Karoline began screaming and Ben sat in silence.”

When are insurance companies going to realize that the costs of sustaining a sextuplet pregnancy and six children with profound health complications will always outweigh a few rounds of IVF?


2 responses to “Two more sets of sextuplets on the way

  1. Dianne/Flutter

    Thank you for your visit.

    These stories make me scratch my head. What the heck? They obviously were not monitored. How irresponsible of the doctors! And now 12 innocent children are being born into a difficult beggining because of their irresponsible actions.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one blogging about this. It makes me so angry that doctors do this and so sad for the parents and children who are victims of this kind of irresponsible care.

    (My take on it:

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