Post No. 100! Now with Clomid!

I’ve hit that milestone. I think the blog can go into syndication now.

Much more better! This post is actually IF related! Guess who’s taking clomid this month? 50 mg a day, started on Saturday, which was cycle day 5 for me. I’m going to give it a shot since we are apparently no longer treating male factor infertility, so hopefully the pills will help me to ovulate better. “Better” here having the meaning “actually release an egg or two.”

If this month doesn’t work, I’ll try another couple goes at it. This is the first time I’ve ever had Clomid. We had originally avoided it so that we didn’t become the McCaugheys. I guess there is less fear of that now. My theory is that if this fails (expected) then I might face a bit less delay in starting cycling in Israel.

So far, no really bad side effects. Mild dizziness and some hot flashiness. Not really bitchy – threatened to kill the hubby on Friday, but that preceded the Clomid.

Friday was our fourth wedding anniversary. We spent it in the Big City waiting for the in laws to show up – they were about three hours late. Ergo the death threat.

I’ll have a very “fun” post about the weekend later.


6 responses to “Post No. 100! Now with Clomid!

  1. Ooh.. in-laws… I could go on and on about mine (but you’d either think I’m a pathological liar or an incredible comedian).

    Any hopeful cycle is a good one, I think. Here’s hoping you’ll have (manageable) morning sickness while you’re moving!

  2. Good luck. I did 2 cycles on clomid. I didn’t have side effects to speak of. It didn’t make me ovulate either, so I don’t know if it counts.

    I found that the 2WW was what made me bitchy & nasty and such.

  3. Yeah, being preggo with moving probably isn’t plan A. But then again, neither were four years of infertility.

    And I always get vertigo from flying. It usually lasts a couple weeks. So maybe I won’t even notice it!

  4. I flew pregnant last winter, at I think 10 and 13 weeks. I was pretty seriously nauseous on both flights, but lots of gum, lots of water, and a fair amount of walking around got me through it.

    I actually had a much worse time on the internal flight (Philly to Toronto) because some guy was talking SOOOOOO LOUD and so annoying that I don’t know how my husband didn’t barf on him!

    I wish these problems on you!!!! (well, not the loud annoying guy…)

  5. Happy anniversary! Sorry you had to spend it waiting on in-laws. Good luck with the clomid! Hope it works “more better” for you.

  6. Mary Ellen and Steve

    Good luck!

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