It’s official (sort of): an aliyah update

I gave my notice at work. My last day will be July 19 (probably – maybe a bit longer if we’re in good shape at that time). They were very grateful that I let them know several weeks in advance, since a goodly part of my job is working through a full Web redesign to be launched mid-July.

For the first time since at least high school, I will be leaving a job without other employment lined up.

In other news:

I can understand how people made aliyah without Nefesh B Nefesh. No insult, just that most of the help seems to come at the beginning and the end, with little in the middle.

And I can attempt to grasp how folks made aliyah without the Internet. Though I wouldn’t want to do it myself.

But I cannot begin to imagine how one would go about making aliyah without Rachel Inbar.

Try and wrap your brain around this for a second: Rachel has been not only calling – but physically visiting – apartments in Modi’in that might work for us. Several of them. And she even took pictures for us.

Having only ever lived in America, I cannot feasibly imagine such kindness. I don’t think prospective employers would have ever considered doing this for me when I was moving across the country. I have good friends here who would not do this for me.

I was lucky enough to meet Rachel’s acquaintance through the amazing Fertility Stories site she runs. I honestly don’t know what we would do without her.

So Rachel ā€” there’s a limit to how much I can try and give back while we’re still on this side of the pond, but please know that you have our most heartfelt thanks for all your help.

From a recent discussion with the hubby:

Me: I guess this is infertility’s silver lining. A friend like this almost makes it all worth it.

Him: (reading Rachel’s bio page) Whoa. She has five kids. You’re going wherever she went. šŸ™‚

Todah rabbah! We’ll see you soon!


5 responses to “It’s official (sort of): an aliyah update

  1. OK, I literally had to leave the room & practically had tears in my eyes… I sure hope we like each other when we actually meet šŸ™‚

    This is the nicest thing anyone’s said about me since Ohad proposed to me šŸ™‚ and then it took me 2 hours to stop shaking (really)…

    And for the record, it was only 2 apartments (so far)…

    In other news, I read a guide on how to make a good cappuccino and I’ve been practicing. I can almost get the heart on top. By the time you get here, I’m sure I’ll have it down šŸ™‚

  2. Aha! You’re on to my ulterior motive ā€” let’s leave the guys and run away together. šŸ™‚

    Cappuccinos forever,

  3. Yay Rachel Inbar! (Does anybody think of her as just “Rachel” cause I sure don’t šŸ˜‰ )

    Actually, with all kudos to Rachel, of course, when a friend of mine made aliyah a few years back, people did the same for her. She had a beautiful apartment all ready for her, complete with telephone and internet already hooked up. The day she arrived, there was even food in her fridge.

    There’s just something about Israelis… when I make aliyah, G-d willing, next year, I’ll come to Modi’in and meet you both. Rachel, I expect you’ll *definitely* have the cappuccino down by then!

  4. The Town Criers

    Three cheers for Rachel šŸ™‚ She IS one of the most fantastic, giving women on the Internet (she donated to our WalkAmerica team TWICE).

  5. As Rachel’s sister… I could say so many more nice things about her, but she might be ticked off, b/c she’s a pretty modest person. All I will say is that I’m amazed at how much time and energy she puts into other people when she already has SO much on her plate.

    About Aliya
    It is kinda “normal” to help people who are making aliya, but usually it’s not the people who have 5 kids who make the time to go look at apartments and such.

    I’ve gone apartment hunting for one new oleh, and later helped him find his wife.

    There’s something really magical about being part of the process of someone’s aliya.

    People who have made aliya are well-aware of the challenges involved. Back in the pre-NBN days, there were also loads of office visits that had to be made, and you simply couldn’t manage if you didn’t have someone to tell you how to do it and where to go.

    The aliya office in New York (where I was) gave us the names of a whole bunch of offices we had to go to, but no clue what we were doing there or when to go or where the offices were or what the hours were.

    I think NBN does some of that for you now, but there’s still plenty of stuff that you’ll need to be walked through. For example, no one tells you that you have to take your own temperature at home before you go to the dr.

    Looking forward to meeting you!

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